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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How to make a hat, for Frosty.......

Since it's getting close to Christmas I thought I would repost a couple of Tutorials that I posted last year, I have made these several times and the receiver seems to enjoy them. To learn how to make the painted Glass Snowmen click here...

Making these little hats are so simple but they really dress up alot of different things, Baseball make-do snowmen, wine glass snowmen and light bulb snowmen ornies....
You will need
a sock...any color or texture
14" narrow ribbon of your choice. I have even used twine

These are the items you will need....
Using the scissors cut just above the heel line, making sure to cut above the heel.

This is how it should look, straight

On the end that you cut, cut into the sock in little narrow strips up to the cuff line....
lay ribbon under sock at the bottom of the little slits
And tie into a bow,
Now you've made a hat, so very very simple. But it sure does dress up our little snowmen...


  1. Very cute! And simple! I might just find a different use for a little hat like that! :)

  2. What a perfect tutorial! Simple and so very clear! Thanks Molly, I'm sure our townees would love to come over and see .... don't forget to announce it in the group :)

    Terry S

  3. what a neat idea, thanks for stopping by to visit!

  4. Hi Molly,
    thank you so much. I linked you in mu blog.


  5. What a fabulous idea! And so easy too.

  6. That looks so easy that I think even I could do it! Thanks for the instructions.

  7. How cute is that! And so easy! Thanks for the idea...Debbie

  8. Oh my, Molly, I was scared to click on this tutorial, thinking I would have to learn to knit to make the hats!!! How clever! I have seen some darling socks on sale, now I have a use for them!!!

  9. Wow, that is an easy peasy cute craft idea!! I love all your little baseball snowmen...thanks for stopping by to wish my daughter a happy birthday!!! See you this week for Foto Friday...


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