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Friday, March 06, 2009

Friday's Family Foto

Deborah over at is hosting Favorite Family Foto. You get to see lots of family photos, hop on over and check them out. This week my Favorite Family Foto is about my oldest Granddaughter Marissa,

She is 8 yrs old and is a very talented little lady.
She's a Momma's girl, and loves her Big Bubba

1 year old and already
She loves my little Chi-Chi
She loves to bowl and still does...
She loves to hunt with her Daddy,
what can I say we're a family of hunters

She loves to her little set up,
She loves to ride horses and to camp

She's a terrific artist....

Cheer leader for the Richland Saints PeeWee football team, this is her 3d year.
She's a dancer, was in dance for 3 yrs, this year she choose to be in Tumbling

She was a competitive Ice Skater for 2 yrs untill they closed our ice rink now the closest one is in LA.

She's a lady Bug and I must say a cute one too...

She's a singer
Hope you enjoyed meeting my oldest Granddaughter.


  1. Hi Molly~
    What a beautiful granddaughter you have...sounds like a well-rounded young lady! Great photos! I'm participating, too, but for some reason, my name got left off the list. Oh, well! :)

  2. She sure is into lots of stuff ... that is so great for the grands (keeping them busy and learning all the time) And a real beauty too!

    Also love that she is Daddy's girl ... the very best thing to be :)

    Terry S

  3. How much fun watching as she grows up. I can tell you're proud of her.

  4. Molly, I love your post today. Your granddaughter is beautiful and so talented. Her photo singing is my favorite. Her freckles across her nose are so cute. You have bragging rights for sure. Smile.


  5. It's great that her parents allow her to be involved in so many different things! It will help her find what she loves to do, and perhaps incorporate it into her chosen career some day! Wonderful photos!

  6. Marissa is a doll. I especially like that she hunts, fishes and enjoys horseback riding. Reminds me of my childhood. If that ice skating rink was in Jackson, I remember seeing on the news there that it was closing. That is too bad.

  7. She's an all-around girl, Molly! And darling to boot. :o)

  8. Your grandaughter is a pure doll.They are so smart keeping her involved in so many different things.It seems she can do about eveything too.Very nice post.
    And yes,I would love it if Roo were on Jay Leno,Yee-haw...Ann

  9. Hi!
    She's a beautiful little lady! And busy!! Bet she keeps you on your toes! Have a great day!!


  10. Oh how precious she is! She's my kind of girl...she can do all the traditional boy stuff and still be girly too! No wonder you're proud of her! She's beautiful too!

    Have a great weekend!

  11. so cute, especially the pick of her being all girly with the beat up legs(her huntin side showing thru)!!!! so cute.

  12. Hi Molly! Thanks for stoppin by my blog...

    I love the pics of your grand-daughter, she sure is a busy little bee, huh? Love how you told a story with each she's a daddy's girl too? So's my daughter!

    I'm off to check out the rest of your blog- hope you have a nice weekend...

  13. Wow, she's a really well rounded little girl and very talented.

  14. She's certainly been exposed to a multitude of experiences, my gosh, that girl is going to have as many layers as an onion!
    She'll be a very interesting adult with all her interests!

  15. Marissa is absolutely precious! Looks like she is already multi-talented and at a very early age! But you are right...there is nothing like a Daddy's girl! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful photos!

    Moonlight Hollow is having a Treasure Hunt. If you want to sign up to participate, go to my blog and read Monday's post for instructions!


  16. Hi Molly, I'm back from visiting my daughter and her children. Aren't grands the greatest?!

    Your beautiful granddaughter is so multi-talented! What an interesting woman she will be. Thank you for sharing her with us.



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