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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pink Saturday and some Molly memories.

My friend Beverly of How Sweet The Sound is hosting a PINK SATURDAY. Be sure and check out all the other pretty pink items over at her blog...
I have a large collection of Collector's plates, for awhile I was buying ever plate I saw, never thinking, now, where am I going to put this one...oh, well I'll worry about that later, welllllll later came and I had to worry about it...I had run out of wall space and plate as I know we all have to do sometimes I had to make the tough decision , which ones stay and which ones decision...NONE.... go. I had to store some away but I just couldn't part with any of did keep a few out, ones that had special meanings to me like this first is a treasured gift from my very sweet Sister, she found it in a Thrift Store and instantly thought about me and her when we were little, she being the oldest was always tying my shoes or comb my hair...that is until I got old enough to take care of myself... we never had pretty dresses like these, (now don't get me wrong, Mom made sure we had nice enough dresses, but never anything that frilly) and I was a blond where this child is a brunette, but the though was the same...the plate is titled "Sister's Love Forever" how very true.

There is a lot of pink in this one
Ok this next plate is called Crystal's Creek, I bought this one because it reminded me of my sweet little Mo-Mo...same hair, same love and curiosity for nature and the same chubby cheeks. If you look close you'll see the pink hearts on her little blue shorts set.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my little pink plates and also my siggy is pink....


  1. Lovely plates with some nice stories - enjoyed reading about your memories. The plates are more special when you think about the reason they tripped your trigger, so to speak.

  2. Such a lovely Pink post, your plates
    are beautiful ! Thanks so much for sharing ~ hope you have a very blessed PINK Saturday !

  3. Pink is one of my fav colors, so I most enjoy your posts of pink things. Your siggie is too cute!!

  4. Lovely plates, they are adorable. I collect tea cups from wherever the Army sends us and I am going to need more space soon as well!! Have a happy Pink Saturday and thanks for stopping by my page!

  5. I love that little plate!
    Have a great Pink Saturday!

  6. I love your siggy!!!

    Pretty plates and prettier stories to go with them, thank you for all you write Molly my dear.

  7. Have a ♥ filled Pink Saturday!

  8. Thanks so much for the great post today. I just ♥ traveling from blog to blog...the photos, the crafts, the ideas...too fun!

    Yours was especially fun this week. Thank you!

    See you next week!

  9. Oh thank you! I so appreciate your coming to visit my first Pink Saturday! I LOVE pink. And, for being a follower........Yowza.....! I'm still not following anybody.......I haven't figured that one out yet. I'll have to work on that.

    Your plates are BEEE-U-TI-FULLLLLLL.........Collecting things is so rewarding, isn't it?

    I love your Bless Our Military on your sidebar. They are my hero's! And, certainly, seeing this mom with her "baby" brings all the sacrifice home, doesn't it??

    God bless you!


  10. I love your adorable sweet plates, especially the sweet sisters!! Thank you so much for sharing them and your story. Have a happy Pink Saturday!!
    ♥ Teresa

  11. pretty plates...happy pink sat...God Bless

  12. Sweet plates! Happy Pink Saturday!

  13. Hi Marjorie,
    I enjoyed your story that went with the pictures of your plates. Very sweet indeed.

    ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*´¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·´ Happy Pink Saturday
    Deanna :D

  14. Hi,

    I love your plates!!!! The first one, "Sister's Love Forever" is my favorite.

    Love, Joy =D

  15. I love those plates. They are so cute.
    Happy Pink Saturday,

  16. What beautiful plates!! Collections are like that...I have the same problem with my collection...none leave...haha Happy Pink Saturday!


  17. Gorgeous plates! I know too how hard it is to let go of collections, or items that are special to you! But, boy, over the years it all piles up, doesn't it? Happy Pink Saturday on Sunday! Suzie

  18. What beautiful plates. Happy belated pink day!


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