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Molly's Country Memories

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Monday, March 09, 2009

The Simple Woman's Day Book

FOR TODAY Monday 3/9/2009
Outside my window...Spring is peeking out from under the winter hazy, I see bare trees beside trees with white blooms breaking through,…there is a squirrel darting back and forth across the front yard, Blue Jays are flying from tree to tree, hurry spring, hurry.

I am thinking...I can’t believe last week we had snow for the 5th time this year, this is MS we don’t have 5 snows in 10 yrs…now this week we have blooms peeking out and 70 degree weather. Mother Nature is so fickle.

I am thankful for. My eyes so I can see the beauty of nature, my ears so I can hear the birds singing and the wind blowing through the pines, my nose, so I can smell the sweet smell of my Sweet Olive bush.

From the kitchen...for breakfast it’s hot coffee, home made biscuits, and ham (that is left over from the ham I baked for dinner yesterday). For Supper it‘s boiled shrimp, with new potatoes and corn, all boiled in the same pot with crab boil and lemons.…hummmm

I am wearing….my green flowered night gown and white socks…..

I am going…to try and get the wash done today and handle an insurance problem, then maybe pressure wash the patio.

I am creating...I am working on my red work, added a pair of pillow cases to the pile., hoping to redo my bath room, need to decide how I want it to look.

I am reading...All the interesting blogs of my new friends

I am hoping...To have a good week this week, last week was not so good. To much drama.

I am hearing...The silence of my house while everyone is still sleeping. Broken only by the hum of my computer.

Around the house...clothes need washing, floors need sweeping as usual, House needs sprucing up for spring.

One of my favorite things...planning my new flower beds. It’s time to start now.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Going to the Eye Dr. Tues., pressure washing the patio, reworking flower beds and going to play the rest of the week by ear.

Here is picture thought I am sharing Outside my window....
Bradford pears in bloom while other trees still sleep....

Squirrel playing in front yard...
Hope you have a great day. don't forget to check out the other daybooks for today


  1. Morning Friend!
    Ham and biscuits w/ coffee will be our breakfast too....we had a country ham given to
    us during Christmas and my DH just sliced it up a couple nights ago....we wrapped the rest in packages and took to the freezer....
    I hear my DH snoring away! LOL!! He's usually up before I am......
    He had an upset stomache during the night...he forgot to say "hold the onion" on his burger the kid's picked up for supper...then he had to go on a hunt for the Tums.....
    I am up and ready to head to the wood shop!
    We have soooooo much to do for this upcoming show....I pray it's a good one for us!
    I told DD I'd take her to get a few high-lights put in her hair on Tuesday....she's been asking to have that done for a long time...the rest of the week we'll be getting
    as much furniture done as we can....
    Then I have GOT to get our tax stuff together
    and get that behind us.....
    Have a great week!
    Oh,thank you for the kind words and encouragement you left on DD's blog!
    She so appreciates it when some of my dear
    blog pals takes the time to read her posts...
    Thanks..... :)

  2. Good morning, Molly. Can you send some ham and biscuits my way? Just cereal for me this morning.

  3. Molly .. still sick, but seeing that pear tree this morning! Just a grand sight to wake up to!

    I remember the days and weeks full of drama ... I hate drama .... may this be a quiet week for you :)

  4. There's nothing greening up in Michigan yet - we received a heavy frost last night, but everyting is muddy and brown - not even a bud today. I did hear a goose honk, however, so there's still hope!

  5. hello from France
    I put your blog in my favorites Ilove your Daybook Ilove the music oh thank you for that nice moment ,I'll read more when I'll HAVE TIME ,Ihave to do now ,sorry for my bas English ,but Ilove USA and can't be stopped by langage
    good week and see you later if you comme to read my blog too
    friendly Giroflée

  6. Thank you for sharing about your life I've enjoyed reading your blog! Have a great week. Esther

  7. Hi Molly!!

    Today for every NEW follower we get we are donating $1 to Neuroblastoma Research. We are aiming for 200 NEW Followers!

    Hope We'll See You There!!

  8. Hi Molly. Don't you just love Bradford pear trees in the spring. Mine in the backyard hasn't started blooming yet, but buds are everywhere. I love this time of year. You reminded that my flower beds need some sprucing as well as the deck pressure washed. I loved visiting your daybook. Have a blessed week.

  9. Enjoyed your post. I am new and have just posted my first.

    Love your picture thoughts.


  10. The Sweet Olive is my favorite tree in the world. Small, tiny flowers, and slow to grow, but the most precious fragrance ever. Thanks for the memory!


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