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Molly's Country Memories

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Friday, January 23, 2009

The 80's ain't in it....

My little Morgan @ the tender age of 7, is torn between two worlds, 1/2 is a little glamour queen and the other 1/2 is a rough and tumble tom-boy. 1 minute she will be dress like a princess all frills and lace, the next climbing a tree and rolling on the ground with her beloved dogs and goat. Yep, goat, who by the way thinks she is a dog...And beating up on her older brother. All while still wearing her princess Daddy calls her Ellie Mae after the girl on The Beverly Hillbillies. My DIL sent me a picture she took today...and I just had to show it off. she besides trying to play guitar also takes dance. Wellll, they recieved the dance outfit for the up coming recitial...she says she don't want to wear THAT I'm not bragging...yes I am't she cute, man are the 80's back or what...I can't wait to see the show...the song they will be dancing to is I've got a crush on you. Since I'm from the 50's, I'm not sure if I know the song...won't be surprised if she decides to roll on the ground with her pets in this outfit...won't the goat look at her

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  1. My almost nine yr old sounds a lot like Morgan. And she also thinks it's the 80s :)


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