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Saturday, January 10, 2009

How to make Special Gifts for Special people

I have 3 amazing sons and 3 very much loved DILs. So every year I try to make them or give them somthing special for Christmas, this year I painted them all a portrait of their Children, I did the wedding picture of Lance and Teresa since they have no children yet. I have posted them in an earlier blog. Last year I had throws made with their favorite pictures of their kids on them, Of course I did a picture of Lance & Teresa from their Honeymoom in Aruba, these were ordered from QVC, something I couldn't make. I also gave them special throw pillows for their beds. I used each ones wedding picture on these.
They are so simple to make and it is mostly straight sewing for those of you who say, but I can't

You will need

Transfer printer paper,
your favorite picture in your computer picture program
hot iron...follow directions recommended by the manufactor for ironing on material
a 12" pillow form
1/2 yard of material of choice. I used white since I used wedding picture
gathered ruffle of choice at least 1 1/2" wide
small gathered lace (optional)
ribbon to make bow
I first picked my picture them put my transfer paper in printer, make sure you set program for reverse printing, print out picture and set aside.
Take your material and cut it about 1" larger than pillow form, before sewing together iron transfer on using direction by manufactor. Let cool then remove the paper backing...I printed out round pictures, edited in my photo program. Then I took a smaller gathered lace and sewed all the way around the picture to cover up the edges..this is optional..
Baste the lace to the front with right sides together and lace and front panel even on the edges, place the back on top of these two peices with right sides together, lace will be on the inside of the pillow at this time. Sew together and leave opening on bottom large enough to get pillow for in. Turn it right sides out through this opening. Lace will be in the right place. Stuff with pillow form add ribbon (I used the ribbon from their wedding) and TaDa instant extra special gift.
A special gift I made for my Grands other Grandmother for Christmas, I use cording instead of lace and around the picture I used my satin stitch on my machine to cover the seam.

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