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Molly's Country Memories

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

A birthday party full of Horses and love

Today I took my Grandkids to a special birthday party. My Niece Kim passed away unexpectedly in Sept. at age 40, leaving 4 beautiful little girls. The baby girl Kylie, had her 9th birthday on the 9th, so her Dad and Nanny with the help of her Aunt Missy and Uncle Kyrk gave her & her Cousin Karter who celebrated his 2d Birthday on the 7th, a riding party, something her Mom would have loved to do. Kylie really loves horses, so what better way to celebrate the day. It was a wet rainy day and it was so muddy, but the kids didn't care, they just waded in and rode horses and in a little buggy. There were lots of kids there so they had to wait their turn. Which my little horse lover had a hard time wasn't shy about trying to find ways to get to the head of the line, every chance she got....
As a special treat each child was given a bandanna, red for the girls and blue for the boys also they each received a straw cowboy hat...and what made it better they were able to take them home.

Each Birthday child had a cake made by their Nanny just for them, Cater's was a farm scene with a barn and little animals he could take home and play with later. Kylie's had a cowboy rounding up Zebras...yes you read it cool was that.

But I have to say it was hard pulling the little ones away from the horses and the buggy to even sing happy Birthday and cut the cakes.

My little redheaded cowboy had a blast, he liked wondering around the catch pen and the arena, with his new friend and cousin Reese, they found the roping dummy bull and was wanting to try it out, but since it was so wet, they didn't want the kids in the Arena area, Connor did find two old horseshoes partly buried in the red clay that he dug out, now digging meant red clay stained hands, he didn't mind... but Granny wasn't to happy about all that mud headed to her he thought they were so neat ...and the lady told him he could keep them...he called them is lucky horse shoes and even gave his sister one....he loves to collect junk like that...(could he be taking after his Granny...hummmm)

All the kids and some older folks....*grin* really enjoyed the rides and going into the barn to see the new colt born this past Monday....

My little Morgan is an animal nut, all she talks about is being a Vet. She already has 3 dogs, Buddy, Jasper and Hank and a goat that she named Molly (can you believe that,!!!! Molly, hummm wonder if she is calling me an old but she is really begging for a horse and today just made her want one more. Here are some pictures I took

Waiting for the horses to get there....You can see how wet it was...yuck

The little buggy, this was such a cute little feller..

The birthday girl got the first ride...she looks so much like her Mom

birthday boy wouldn't ride with out his Nanny, poor pony *grin*

Connor has his turn in the buggyMorgan loves to rideMorgan got her turn in the buggy, she didn't want
to get outBirthday boy and his Daddy. Kim's baby BrotherConnor and Morgan getting their hats and scarves.Humm wonder what she just told had an accident, mud was every where... Mongan is loving it
Even their Nanny (my SIL) got in on the act. ***Grin****Connor and Morgan petting a horse in the barn, with a new can really see the love in Morgan's eyes1 week old isn't he sweet

After the party is when the fun really started..NOT.. we had so much mud on our shoes, no one had told me to wear boots, and I didn't think it would be that muddy were we would be, wrong, I ruined my best pair of comfortable slip on...:-(
I had to make the kids set on the seat with their feet out so I could remove their mud caked shoes, all the while slipping and sliding in the mud outside the car door.....for you who don't know about MS mud it is like a slipper gumbo mud that dries like concrete. The shoes weighted a ton....giggle...then I rolled their pants legs up before letting them get in. They had 10 inches of mud and water up the legs, time I got them rolled up enough that it was safe to get in, they had on shorts...gheez...and I though I was a country girl..... now....they were save in the back seat, I had to figure out how to get my mud caked shoes off and then get them in the back on the paper that I'd put the kids on....finally we are on our way home and the kids never stopped talking about the party, all in all it was a wonderful day and we have great memories of a fun birthday and we said a little prayer that the girls will be able to continue to move on and find peace and love in the memory of a Mom who gave life to them and we know she is watching over them..

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