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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thrift Store Treasures...$1.50 total....

We have a local Thrift Store that I love to ramble through every chance I get...giggle..which is quite often...DH says too yesterday I happened by and found a fantastic sale going on, they had 4 tables of items marked down to .50 cents each. I came away with 3 little gems, the first was a set of 6 napkins that are scalloped around the edges, in perfect condition, no stains, rips or tears. I am contemplating what to do, I have thought about painting them, since I am a painter, but since I'm wanting to do something different and I love the redwork, just might do a redwork design on them... and even thinking about tea staining them...not sure yet...

Next item I found was an old aluminum grease can with a red knob on top. It didn't have the strainer, but thats alright will probably just list it as a storage container...and everyone knows what's going on this...can we say usually do my items in red and add white Chickens, but I want to do something to make the little red knob stand out so will have to think about it. Might do the can in black and the Rooster or hen white and leave the cute little knob as is...what do you think?

This next item I am really excited over, cause it just screamed "I need to be prim, not bright country" that make sense. It is a square wooden fruit bowl on a pedistal. I was thinking about trying to make it look old and prim. I'm not much of a prim person I do more clean pure country, but this just doesn't say country to me. I think I want it dark prim blue. Does anyone have any ideas and what steps do I use to get the look I want.
I was planning on using it to display my redwork napkins when I finish them.
Please leave comments all help with this project will be appricated
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  1. Well I sure could use the grease pot, and that wood piece is just like what I had when first got married so send it back, LOL
    Seriously I know you will come up with perfect paintings on them and they will be sold so fast for you. I can see little squawkies on the corners of them hankies, grin

  2. You hit the jackpot! I especially love the grease bucket. That wooden bowl will look awesome when you're done with it.

  3. Wonderful items....pleae go back to the mr. linky and try to link back in, the link is not working for some reason.

    I love the grease pot, my mom had one exactly like this.

  4. Wow, cool grease pot!
    I don't have any ideas for but I saw the word "redwork" and can't wait to come back and see that. You will post that, won't you? I love redwork!

  5. I totally know what you mean when you say it screamed to you... I usually leave something on my counter when I first get it while I wait for it to tell me what color it wants to be and what room it wants to go in. My hubby thinks I'm crazy.

    I paint a lot of my things prim. I love buying wood bowls and things at thrift stores to paint. They're really simple.

    Just sand it to rough up the finish, paint it using a flat acrylic paint (the kind that's under a dollar for a little bottle). Paint several coats allowing time to dry between each (it only takes a minute). Then you carefully take the sand paper to the edges to rough them up and make it look aged.

    You can also paint more than one color, letting them dry in between coats, then when you sand it the other color(s) show through :)

    Dark blue would be a good color. What a great find!

  6. I LOVE the grease pot! LOVE.IT.

    Thanks for linking up, and be sure to come back next Thursday!


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