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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Where I blog...and other things...

I have really enjoyed checking out the blogs and pictures of other bloggers who have shown where they do their blogging. check out this blog... I'm afraid my area isn't as nice and pretty as some of the other ladies, but here goes, please know this is a work in progress. We plan to redo the whole room this summer, because at this time it serves as an extra guest room, computer room and store room for all the items I had to store when I closed my shop.

I really love my desk, since my Hubby made it to my specs. A place to put the tower and shut the door, a compartment for my 4 in-1 printer, little cubbies to put my DVDs, of my patterns my
pictures of items I've painted, my business files and of course my computer programs CDs. another cubbie for my camcorder dvds that I watch on my puter, a large place to store all of the books that go with my computer programs, important info for printer, computer and moniter my webcam and any other inportant papers. On the right is a place for my printing and tranfer supplies. Also a drewer to keep pens, cords or anything else like extra ink, etc, etc....

The top of the desk is reserved for my most treasured items, the first picture is a Doll my friends gave me when I retired from Packard 6 yrs ago. It is from the Richard Simmons collections NANA's Family and the name of the doll is Maggie's retirement. little piano music box was given to me by my middle boy when he got his first job at age 15. He is 40 now. When you wind up the music box the little bear on time spins and dances...I just love it and really treasure it. The picture in the baseball is my Keiferman hitting one of his many home runs. He was one heck of a ball play, we were all upset, even his Coach when he refused to play ball in college this year. He decide he wanted to consentrate on his future ...he is in Pre-nursing and he said he need to buckle down and study and didn't have the time to practice and travel with the team to play.. The picture of the little Cheerleader was his biggest supporter and Sister and would cheer him was also a cheer leader for the PeeWee football team, in Richland called the Saints... The last picture is a picture of the bed that also shares this room.The 2 dolls on the bed was bought on one of our many trips to Harrison, Arkansas. We found them at a little side of the road gift shop, they reminded us so much of the Dolls my MIL made in the erly 80's before she died in '88. So we had to have them. The little papoos at the bottom of the bed was bought in OK 2 years ago.

Hope you enjoyed looking.

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  1. A very nice place for your computering and more.
    Homey, and just a nice place to be!


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