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Molly's Country Memories

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Sunday, February 01, 2009

A busy week-end and junkin'

I went to Richland Fri. and picked my little GD up at about 12:30, needless to say she was so happy to get checked out early and when she found out we were going to Hobby Lobby, she forgot that she hadn't had lunch. She doesn't eat much anyhow. After she takes her meds in the morning getting her to eat is like pulling eye teeth....
I mainly wanted to go to Hobby Lobby to find some paints I needed to paint my chair, but of course they didn't have it. We did find a few items Marissa loves to scrap book so we got her some bling-bling sheets to make her Mom something special for Mother's Day...she said I could show you the paper but not her project cause her mom reads my blog. They had the sheets on sale for 12 for a $1.00, so they cost her .25 cents. Good deal. All 3 sheets has glitter on them but the pink doesn't show up to well.

Then we went to Kolh's and they happen to be having a 90% of sale on little girls clothes. Marissa found this Hannah Montana shirt that she just loved, the price was 32.00 at .90% off came to $3.20, now that's a great deal and she also found a pair of jean on sale for 4.50. So her whole outfit cost $7.20, not bad and looks great too. I've never seen an 8 yr old who loves to shop for clothes as much as this child does. She wound up getting 2 shirts 2 pair of pants a princess nitegown and matching slippers. All for $24.62. She is a wise shopper, won't buy it if it isn't on sale. She had her own Christmas money, but of course Granny bought it all for her, I mean what are Granny's for if not to spoil them a little. She nearly walked me to'm used to taking boys to town to buy clothes and they didn't care for shopping at all.
We met her Brother at OEC later that day and ate Supper. Thanks Goodness I could set down for awhile...giggle.
Then we came home and both of us passed out. She woke me up the next morning at 4:00, telling me we had to go shopping, I thought she was talking in her sleep but nope she wasn't she was wide awake and wanting to go wanted to go Candy shopping. I told her we didn't have a candy store in Brookhaven, she asked don't you have a Wal-Mart...Bless her heart I'm sure she had been dreaming about candy..but she is only allowed a very little about 1st a week. And she loves it.
Later that day we went to a new place in Crystal Springs called Back Street Flea Market and lord did you have to dig to find anything, but my little blood hound sniffed out some pretty neat items...
She found these buried in the back of the store behind 2 old mattress, It is 2 white enamel hospital trays from before the 50s and a neat shaped dresser drawer and 2 rolling pins, one of the pans had $5.00 on it and I thought that was pretty good since I'd paid $10.00 for one last year...but nothing else was priced, so I decided to bite the bullet and go for it...Marissa told me she'd ask how much they all were and he told her, that just for her it was all total $4.00...I will be taking her with me more went to a couple of other places but really didn't see anything that caught our attention.
Her folks came down and we grilled steaks and enjoyed their company for a while, they both work and we don't get to see them very much, unless we go up there. I sure did miss her when she went home...her PawPaw calls her a little Knat, she's so tiny. She still wears a size 6...

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  1. What a sweetie girl your granddaughter is! Of course you spoil her a bit, it's only natural! And what a fun "running buddy" she makes, too! She got some bargains!


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