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Molly's Country Memories

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Monday, February 09, 2009

FOR TODAY Monday 2-9-2009

Outside my window...Today as I look out my bedroom window, I see a pasture where the sun is just starting to rise, and tip the tops of the rolling hills with light. A baby calf follows it’s Mom looing softly and a flock of crows are on the ground eating the new seed the neighbor planted Sat.

I am thinking...These little beggars knew where to find food. I am amazed sometimes to realize just how smart a crow is. We have an over abundance of them in this area and the scarecrow we put out in the garden only serves for their rest area…lol..

I am thankful for. Living in the country and being able to wake up every morning to see these beautiful scenes whether it be covered in snow, rain, sunshine or haze, it is always a beautiful view from my bedroom window...

From the kitchen...for breakfast it will be homemade bread, baked fresh yesterday evening and home canned pears I put up last August from our large Keifer Pear tree. And of course a large cup of coffee
For supper not sure yet. Hubby has promised to Smoke some ribs this week, maybe I‘ll make a big bowl of my Mom‘s German potato salad, and some baked beans, and to go with that, fresh bread and sweet tea…sounds like a plan to me…

I am wearing...a green flowered long night shirt and fluffy white socks that I got on sale at Bath and Body Works, they have aloe in them and sighhhhhh, they feel so good on these tired old feet.

I am creating...I am doing several things right now. I am slowing working on my red work quilt squares, I work on these if there is something I want to watch on TV, can’t just sit and not be doing something…Also am working on my painting again, in process is a note book for my GD’s school work, her good one tore up so her Mom bought her a cheap little black one from the Dollar Store for .99, and I am painting Gingers on it to make it look expense ...

I am reading...The History of Lincoln County, MS. I love history

I am hoping...that when I go back to the Dr. next Fri. he will have some answers as to why I feel so bad all the time, I go for test Weds .

I am hearing...the sounds of morning, birds chirping, crows crawling, and the sound of cars passing on the road. Oh yea my Dear Hubby and my little Chi-Chi still

Around the house...not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse, except Molly …lol…and she can’t sleep. Too many ideas swirling through her head.. Smells of the fresh baked bread lingers in the air, ahhhh, the greatest room refresher in the world..

One of my favorite things...My time spent with my Sister, when we go junkin’ and back to places remembered from our childhood.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Cleaning house real good and doing launtry today, Senior Luncheon at our Church on Tues. Weds I’m going to Columbia for my blood work and other test and hopefully my SIL, who is going with me and I will get to do a little Thrift Store hopping, there are several nice ones over around Hattiesburg. Thurs. will be grocery shopping day and hair appointment time. Will play it by ear after that…lol…will probably sleep all day Fri.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...simply because I think it is awlsome......
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  1. ooooh homemade bread, I can, but i don't very often. There's a book I know I have that I want to use in making some different things with bread dough but I cannot find it! anywhere!

  2. Thank you Molly, for the birthday wishes you left for me in the comments. I loved reading your 'day book this morning. And I can picture the calf and the cow in the peaceful.

  3. There's nothing better than home baked bread and homemade jelly. What a pretty photo.

  4. Nice to wake up and share my Morning with you .... you are in the prayer bowl for Wednesdays tests :)

    Terry S

  5. Oh Milady Molly, you are such a treasure. Even room in your heart for the crows -- I know, I love them too, we have their cousins out here, called "King Birds" and they do think they are king of it all...they're bold as brass, just like a crow...

  6. Homemade bread sounds wonderful! I hope that your test go well on Wednesday and that your test results only hold good news. I'll be praying.

  7. Hi, Molly,
    I hope you soon feel better.
    Once upon a time, my maternal grampa was born in Mississippi.

  8. You made homemade bread and canned pears sound soooo good! Thanks for visiting my new blog!


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