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Monday, February 23, 2009

The Simple Woman's Day Book

FOR TODAY Monday 2-24-2009Outside my window...
Today I look out with sleepy eyes over the pasture at a beautiful newborn calf laying beside it’s Momma, the sky is clear blue, the temp is a crisp cool 52 degrees. Birds are darting back and forth to the different feeders.

I am thinking...I just love when our old friend comes by to visit and spend the night, on his way to his childhood home in, Donaldsonville, LA., just hate that we set up all night talking. Now I’m so sleepy. And got to go to town and take care of business, and can‘t go back to bed..

I am thankful for. Life long friends and time spent with them.

From the kitchen...for breakfast it hot coffee and fresh bread with canned figs, for supper not sure have a lot to do today, might go to Cracker Barrel tonight. Or have home made spaghetti sauce put in freezer for such a time. Cook a little spaghetti and sweet tea with fresh bread baked this morning…we’ll see.

I am wearing….navy blue sweats, light blue baggy fleece pull over and socks

I am going…to town to take care of some personal business at the Bank and Court House.
Then maybe a quick trip to the local Thrift Store they put new stuff out on Monday.

I am creating...I am still working on my red work quilt squares, like 1 and I‘m through, then have to start putting them together. Working on candle holders and candy dishes for Easter gifts., And have started painting my chair, got part of the top scene painted, but had to quit for awhile.

I am reading...All the interesting blogs of my new friends

I am hoping...That my Hubby's Family's Estate business gets settled soon, I’m tried of fooling with it. It’s times like this when a persons true nature comes out. How sad that 3 Brothers can be so different.

I am hearing...Fox News on TV, and my Hubby and the old Coon-ass talking ninety miles an hour.

Around the house...clothes need washing, floors need sweeping and dishes need washing, but they might have to wait till tomorrow…NOT…

One of my favorite things...visiting with old friends and laughing over past memories of our kids growing up together.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Taking care of Business in town today, tomorrow going to Jackson with Hubby for his Drs appointment. Don’t know for the rest of the week, we’ll just be surprised…..

Here is picture thought I am sharing
About 6 mos ago my 11 yr old Grandson was told to take his shower. His daddy walked in the bathroom to make sure he was in the shower, he likes to play alot, most boys is what he saw when he walked in the door. He'd taken his clothes off and had laid them out like boy ain't

Hope you have a great day. don't forget to check out the other daybooks for today.


  1. So glad I got to read this before the 'puter goes off for the day .... just like to read your stuff (it relaxes me) AND love the mystery man on the bathroom floor LOL

  2. This entire post sparked a smile across my face. I love reminiscing with old friends and family often.

    Have A Blessed Day!

  3. Hahahahahahaha... "old Coon-ass".. I haven't heard that expression in many-many years. They don't use it here in Texas... Some might be surprized to know that you were talking of your friend headed to Lousiana this morning... My great-grandmother was French Canadian that settled in South Mississippi... she frequently referred to her older brother as that "old Coon-ass"... Boy did that bring back memories...
    I love your grandson's little man on the floor. I have someone in my life that does something similar when he travels. made me smile.
    I know a lot of ladies that do the Simple Woman's Day Book... I just never seem to have or take the time... maybe in a few years when I retire? Maybe next week... I'm not that simple... yet...
    Blessings for your week ahead. Dixie

  4. Picture is too funny!
    Kid's imaginations just tickle me.... :)

    Love reading your blog and your day book...
    Oh boy, I loooove Cracker Barrel!
    I'll take a Chicken Fried Chicken w/milk gravy on top, mashed potatoes w/ more milk gravy on top... :o with green beans, fried okra and a biscuit! Oh, don't forget the glass of sweet tea, purty puh-lease!! :)

    Have you ever heard of a bbq place called "The Shed" ?? It's in MS, but not sure where....our neighbors went there this summer.....
    It was on that food network show DH and I love to watch I call it 3 D's.....Diners,Drive-Ins and Dives...or something like....that lol!

    Have a great day!

  5. I too love to sit and talk with old nice. And it sounds like you enjoyed yourself. Good luck with the Dr appointment. And I hope you find some great things at the thrift Store.

  6. What a hilarious photo! I so enjoyed your daybook. I am definitely going to have to visit more often.

    Yummm....canned figs. That is one thing I am ready to get canned up in a few months. Hubby just loves them. I never "thought" I liked them (I didn't like the look of it when I was a kid so never having tasted it before I just preconceived that they were icky) but now that I have actually tasted them...boy howdy are they great! I just learned recently (like the past month) that I actually like the taste of tomatoes and onions on my burger and in my salad too. Go figure!! *grin* All these years I really have been missing out haven't I!?!

  7. Enjoyed you post today. Love spending time with old friends and family. Have a wonderful day, Esther

  8. Only my son could come up with the clothes on the floor. I guess we were suppose to believe that was him laying there! ha. Sometimes I wonder what goes on in that head of his!! then again I'm better off NOT knowing!

  9. Another great post're good at this girl! Love the pic of what your grandson came up with, what a hoot!

  10. Oh, Molly, I am still laughing. I'm a coon-ass. And my mother's people were from Donaldsonville!

    LOL at what yer grandson did, I might have acquainted his rear end with one of those hairbrushes for scaring me...ha ha, not likely a grandkid would ever get "whooped" in reality!!! I'd have fainted if I went in and saw that!!!


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