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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Friday's Family Foto

My friend, Deborah, hosts Friday's Favorite Family Foto. I hope you enjoy my photos.... Please drop by her blog and see what family photos others have posted!
Last week I chose pictures of my oldest Grandson, This week I have chosen my favorite picture of my youngest Grandson, Connor, he is 11 and all boy. He started life on a little shaky ground, his Mom, had toxemia and they had to do emergency surgery 3 weeks early, plus, Connor was was ready to hit the ground running and hadn't stop yet...he started out at a mere 5 lbs, but time he was 4 mos old his nickname was Buddha Baby filled out real fast. Here are a few things he loves....and pictures I love...

He was our little happy redhead....
He loves his Jeep...his Daddy found on old WWII jeep and restored it and it will be his when he's old enough to drive.
He loved corn,
He loves helping his Bobby feed the Chickens
He still loves the chickens and gathering eggs
He loves is Bobby and Bobby's old truck
He loves his little Sister
He loves to ride Horses
He loves baseball
He loves his big bull frog that hangs out near their pool, he has always loved running and catching frogs.
He loves to fish, he won the Fishing Rodeo 2 yrs in a row....
He loves hunting with his Dad and then getting on the phone and bragging to his Cousin Keifer that he got the first Buck of the year.

He loves his video games, his WII and his Computer

And he really loves his Jasper...
He is so sweet and is a true Southern country boy, he has that slow country southern drawl and can spin a yarn a mile long. His 1, 2 and 3 grade teachers all wanted to take him home with them so he could tell them his spent half of the class time listening to him talk and tell his tales, and beleive me he could tell some good ones. He used to tell us he remembered when he was old, along, long time ago...but he stoped talking about that when he was about 3 .....makes you wonder? He is also what you would call and old soul, he can't stand change. When they bought their new car he wanted the old one back.
I hope you enjoyed my little picture story about Connor and the things he loves. And things that make me love him so much.


  1. Great photos from infant to OLD AGE! Just loved them!!! And fun reading about him, too!

  2. He's adorable!! Our puppy's name is Jasper to! :)

  3. What an amazing boy>And he IS all boy.Another proud grandma.Yes,you never know,when they're young they are still so close to God.
    You better be glad I'm not 50 yrs younger,i'd be on my way to try to capture his heart.I have always loved red hubby is or was a redhead.Now it's gray,ha...Ann

  4. Thanks for sharing about your grandson. I also just love redheads! Have a great weekend, Esther

  5. Hi!
    Conner is a very handsome young man! He looks like he's having loads of fun in all those photos you shared. Have a great day!!


  6. Connor is a cutie pie! I am not sure that his face in that picture holding his little sister says "I love you"! :) Wow! That is one BIG bullfrog! There is nothing better than a smart country boy! I know you are proud of him! Thanks for sharing your photos of your handsome grandson!


  7. Love your pictures! My favorite was the one with that big frog. I have never seen a frog that big. I think it would scare the pants off of me if I seen one of those in my yard! hehehe
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. What a grandson! Molly you have good genes you passed on! The Loving Hearts and Country Smarts gene runs strong in you and yours.

    I can't believe that bullfrog. And him already talking on the cellphone about the deer is hilarious, get started on Braggin Rights early!!!

    What a fun post!

  9. Sounds like you have a wonderful grandson who enriches your all your photos!

  10. What a Renaissance boy he is!

  11. Molly, Connor is just the cutest baby and a very handsome boy. You have all the bragging rights in the world. We do love our grands don't we. A wonderful post for Connor and I enjoyed every photo. He is all boy which is a miracle considering his start in life.


  12. What a boy your Conner is. Love all the pictures except the one with the animal hanging...I'm just not used to seeing that, sorry Molly.
    Your other son Lance is also very handsome. Good for both he and his wife for making the change. You are a lucky lady.
    Happy FF
    Love Claudie

  13. Those are some awesome photos. I really love the photos with the chickens and that old truck. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  14. That grandson of yours is going to be one wonderful adult male! He's going to be so interesting, and fetching! (Not that he's not now, but I'm thinking, in a few years, oh my!)
    That is the biggest bull frog these ol' eyes have ever seen.
    Hey, hope you feel alright, and got some rest.
    Take care now~

  15. I love proud grandmas! ...they are part of the reason these little ones who get off to a rocky start grow to be such strong healthy young people.

    He's a good looking boy!

    Thanks for sharing,

  16. There is nothing better than a good ol' Southern boy who loves his hunting and his dogs. I had toxemia with my first baby. She was 3 weeks early, also. She was tiny but healthy at birth.

  17. They grow so fast, don't they? Thanks for sharing so many precious photos. I love the "corn" photo!
    Take care, Sue


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