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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Love on Wednesday

Colorado Lady is hosting Love on Wednesdays every week in February, this being the month of love and all that. Click on her link to see who else is sharin' the love.
Morgan & The Horses
Today my photos of love are about my Granddaughter's love for Horses. She has had a love for Horses since she knew what a horse was. She's been begging her Daddy for one for the last 5 yrs...she's 7. Right now they just aren't able to get her one, first, no place to keep it and he wants her to understand that having a Horse for a pet is a lot different than having a goat or dog. They require alot more care and attention.
I took her to a riding Birthday party last month and when I snapped this picture I didn't really notice her look untill I uploaded the picture and her express just touched my is so full of awe. She tells us she wants to be a vet. She loves all animals but the Horse is her "mostest" favorite.This is the picture I took.
This is a close up so you can see her tender look of awe.....notice how gently she rubs it's nose...
She didn't want to get off, lol..she would take her ride and be back at the head of the line, time the lady got back for the next rider... notice her hands on her pants legs, that's what she does when she is excited or impatiently waiting, she holder the side of her pants...
She could have rode all day. She wanted to ride by herself but the lady who hosted the party wouldn't let them ride without her walking the horse.
This was her favorite thing at the party, This little feller was only 1 week old. Isn't he a love.
Well that is my pictures of love for this week. This little girl really loves horses, and I really love her. Maybe one day soon she will be able to have a horse of her own.



  1. Don't you just want to make her wish come true?
    What a big heart she has to love those animals.

  2. She really has a heart for horses, it was written as plain as day on her little sweet face. I hope she can get a horse someday, I wonder if she can help out at a boarding stable when she's a bit bigger, she could be around them even though she doesn't have one yet. Gosh that foal is sweet and tiny.

  3. If she lived by me, I'd give her opportunity to be around horses! I enjoy sharing my horse knowledge with kids of all ages. Once when we lived in Illinois, someone called me because they heard I had horses, and asked if their horse crazy daughter could come pet them. Well, I did better than that - I led the daughter around on the horse for about a half hour or so, and she was overjoyed. It was raining lightly out, but neither of us cared - it was a pleasure to do that - even for a stranger. If your granddaughter gets involved with horses and 4-H, she will never get in with a bad crowd - she will always have something to do to keep out of trouble that some kids seem to find! Animals have so much to teach us if we only listen. And Animals are good listeners too -they can be consoling when we need it, and they are not critical. I hope they can manage to get her a horse some day.....

  4. I have 5 granddaughters, and one of them loves horses. I also have 2 grandsons. How many children did I have? Two, but they were part rabbits!

  5. She looks so mesmerized! I hope one day she can get one. She looks so sweet!

  6. I always wanted a horse when I was younger...then, I had my leg broken by a horse that kicked the horse I was on, and missed the horse, and kicked me instead....that cured me of that desire! But I remember the feeling of longing for a animal that I knew I would never own for myself....This post really took me back to my youth! Great post!

  7. I sent you an email and it came back to me :( Your swap partner send she never heard back from you when she emailed you either. Can you shoot me and your partner an email so we have the correct one. Thanks so much!!!!


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