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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Stuffy Nose and handmade quilt

Good Sunday Morning, well I have been lucky this winter as I have avoid the dreaded crud, for most part, a little sniffle every once in awhile but nothing major. Now that Spring is in sight I have finally slowed down enough that it has cought up to me. I am all achy, sneezy and my eyes are watery...simply put I feel like crap...
Ohhh I just want a hot cup of coffee and a nice warm bed...
But I had planned to show my little baby quilt I made 41 yrs ago. I had ugly Betty lying on it while I was making her picture and several ladies e-mailed me saying they would like to see it.
So a little background..41 yrs ago I found out I was going to have my second baby, my oldest was 5.
My Mom had made the oldest a little knitted blanket before he was born but now she was too sick to make this baby one. Since I couldn't knit but could sew I decided to make him his own little quilt. I choose yellow and white because 41 yrs ago you didn't know what you were having untill you had it. Thank goodness it was another little boy cause I had all of Chuck's baby stuff saved...and times were extremely hard for us in 1968.
I used 6 little animal patterns and made this cute little quilt. I was using it to cover my little baby doll in my cradle my DH built for me. Well my GDraughters started playing with it and have gotten something on it. You can see it on the little duck...sigh...I need to take it to the cleaners and have it cleaned but am so afraid it will tear it up, any ideas on how to clean it and not destroy it will be much appricated. I now have it put up where they can't get it. Most of the stain is milk strain from when I gave him his bottle while he was wrapped in it. It was a bright yellow, but all the washings have faded it out.

I hope you enjoyed looking at it. I love it and everytime I look at it I remember holding one of my 3 most precious treasures.


  1. Oh me dear, that baby quilt is just as cute as can be, even after all the washings and playings-with! I don't think I've ever seen a cuter one, and that little bunny taking a big ol' bite out of the strawberry is just adorable, I had to laugh. You sure have a gift for embroidery!

    Don't know what to recommend for cleaning it that would get the stain out AND not tear it up...hope someone will know the trick to that...

  2. Dear girl, I'm so sorry that you're sick.
    Lady Jane, and my hubby are as well. Have you all been together somewhere...did I miss a party? Get well soon, and love that quilt, it's a real keeper.


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