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Monday, February 16, 2009

The Simple Woman's Day Book

FOR TODAY Monday 2-16-2009Outside my window...

Today I look out my back bedroom window, it is cloudy and cold again, had a few warm days but then, this is Mississippi, I see our garden spot that my Hubby is getting ready to plant as soon as weather permits, there are little brown birds, redbirds and blue jays every where, I guess they are enjoying the bugs turned up by the plow, our sweet Black Lab is having a ball chasing them…lol..he’s so silly.

I am am I going to get this bed room cleaned and furniture rearranged before the Cable Guy gets here Sat to add new box to the old TV in here so when the Grands come they don’t have to fight with Pawpaw in order to watch cartoons instead of RFD channel…giggle…

I am thankful for. My life in general, times are hard, but God has blessed me with a place to grow food for the table.

From the kitchen...for breakfast it fresh apple muffins & coffee, for supper, ham steaks with string beans, cream corn, mashed potatoes with herb butter and of course corn bread and sweet tea.

I am jeans and a long sleeved navy blue T-shirt, white socks.

I am creating...I am doing several things right now. I am still working on my red work quilt squares, And have started painting my chair, got part of the top scene painted, but had to quit for awhile.

I am reading...Still reading The History of Lincoln County, MS. I love history just don’t read to much.

I am hoping...that my Grand and his girl both do good in nursing school. He gave her a promise ring for Valentines. I am praying that God will bless them. They have been a couple for 5 yrs. He was smitten by her when he first moved to Richland at age 14. And has been in love every since, they broke up in Aug. because they wanted to make sure it was love and not just being used to each other.. Yep they decided it was love,

I am hearing...Fox News on TV, and the sound of cars passing on the road.
Around the house...clothes need washing, furniture needs moving, and dusting, (I keep hoping if I wait long enough it will move itself…yea.)

One of my favorite things...a clean house My kids say I am a clean freak. Momma always said you might be poor but that’s no excuse to be dirty. And it stuck with me..

A few plans for the rest of the week: Wash clothes and move furniture today and just what ever comes the rest of the week, nothing planned.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...This is an old home in Terry, MS that was scheduled to be torn down 10 yrs ago, I wish I could have found my picture taken before it was redone....a couple took pity on it and this is what it looks like today, something old is new again.

don't forget to check out the other daybooks for today. have a great week! (i have to say that now because who knows if i'll get back here before next monday).


  1. You sound so calm. A lot on your plate with the house work, cable guy, the grands, and just making it through the tough times. Your menu sounds delicious.

  2. I lol at the cable comment--about your dh watching the RFD channel. Does he like to watch Big Joe Polka Show? We think it's a hoot!

  3. Thank you for sharing. What a beautiful home, I'm glad someone had the heart to restore it. God bless!

  4. Ohhh, there you go again. Changing your blog around is addictive, isn't it? It's like moving furniture around in a room, and feeling brand new again. Love the new look.

  5. I love reading yer daybook entries. It's like a trip home. That supper sounds good, I eat leftovers for breakfast so I get to enjoy my suppers twice!!! Can't wait to read more about what-all you will be planting this spring, I sorely miss gardening, can't grow a thing out in the desert area, our water is actually so salty that an enterprising young man has been growing shrimp in what was an old sand pit.

    I think yer grandson is very, very smart to go into nursing!

  6. Hi there,Molly!
    I too laughed outloud about the RFD statement!
    If my FIL isn't watching Walker Texas Ranger it's on RFD!!
    We enjoy that channel too....but we do watch
    other channels.......every now and then. :)

    Oh,the cobblers turned out pretty good.
    I felt so rough that evening,but I knew my DH wanted me there to help if I could...
    It's pretty tricky to regulate the amount of coals you need to cook the top and the bottom....It also makes a me...when you are using actually canned fruit (like peaches)than just the juice(from our tame blackberries)the peach firmed up quicker...I think we could have cut back on the bb juice and it would have thickened a bit better....that's just me though....we didn't hear any I think it went well!

    Thank you for asking... :)
    Have a good week....


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