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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Be still my beating heart

I'm in love
Most of you that have read my VTT posts have come to realize I am totally, completely in love with Hall's collecting. Be it teapots, coffee pots, glove mold, bowls, plate, etc. etc.....
A couple of weeks ago I showed you a large bowl that I inherited from my MIL 20 yrs ago, in the Morning Glory pattern. It was well loved and had been well used. My dear MIL always used it to serve her butter beans, peas or other types of beans in. The kids simply called it the bean bowl. She had used it for years....she had no idea it was a collectable. Well this morning I was trolling Ebay in search of a bowl I needed to complete a set of stack bowls in the White rose pattern. I have the two smaller ones, anyhow can you imagine my heart stopping, excitement when I spied these beauties...I am totally in love and trying to justify to myself, the need to purchase these.
This is a very rare set indeed, usually you fine 1...2...or 3 peices together but RARELY do you find the whole 5 peice set in this condition. Now in a different time, say 6 mos. ago I wouldn't hesitate to bid, but well money is tight and Lord only knows what lies ahead. So I am torn,
Right now they are at $167.50 + shipping of $27.00.
I could call in all favors and Mother's Day is right around the'll see.
Check them out........
We're headed to Jackson for Dear Hubby's Drs. appointment today, so I'll see y'all tonight, y'all have a blessed filled day.


  1. Those are very pretty! I can see why you collect! Prices are outrageous sometimes - but what one day seems out of the question to purchase, the next day you win the lottery and the world is yours for the choosing! **hugs**

  2. Those are great looking bowls! I'm not into collecting, but I hope you get your set!

  3. They are beautiful. I know the feeling when you just have to have them!!

  4. These are a rare find, and beautiful!
    Hope you have good luck at the dr's, and a chance to eat out and maybe find a junk shop.
    You lucky duck!

  5. Molly, those are beautiful! I just love sets like this one! I hope you can get it!

  6. Molly, get them! We're in for hard times, you might have to eat lots and lots of beans in the future, at least they can all be in pretty bowls!!!

  7. Oh, buy them. The energy wasted trying to justify. How about this justification: You really want them & they are beautiful.
    Enough for me. Call in Mother's Day. If the kids don't think Mom all year is worth $200
    :-0 Yikes. ~Mary

  8. Go for it, Molly! From one Hall collector to another... They are fabulous!

  9. sending big Hugs, here for ya


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