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Molly's Country Memories

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Sunday, February 08, 2009

My great flea market finds

This is a picture of all my finds...I really love the plate, $1.00..plan to paint something fitting in the middle maybe fruit??? Hummm, we'll see.
The glass block was $5.00 but for around here that was a bargin, plan to make a light out of it and will probably paint a Christmas winter scene on one side and summer on the other.
You've already seen my match box make over.
The chair is a very old small school desk chair, original metal legs and seat. I won't do anything to this bought it for $7.50 and have it setting in my living room, next to my Mom's chair, holding my Amish Doll we bought in PA several years ago. Isn't my Dry Sink TV stand neat, my Hubby built it for me 25 yrs ago.
The old metal coffee pot has no basket, and it cost $2.00, it will probably wind up painted like my match box sitting on my stove as a grease can...
The last item isn't really anything old or needing redoing, just a little figurine that captured my heart. I have a Son and Grandson who where out standing ball players from age 6 till they Graduated High School. My son refused to play ball in college, because arm surgery had caused him to lose some of his hitting power. He went into Radilogy and he poured himself into his studies. Paid off quit well too, he is 29 and has moved into Specialites and is Co-Supervisor of his shift.. Graduated with a 4.0 average. The Grandson wouldn't play in College because he is going into Nursing and he feels like it would distract him from his studies. Needless to say I am proud of both these boys. But I sure miss watching them play.

Well now you've seen all my finds from Fri. As I redo them I will update you. Have a wonderful day .


  1. Gosh, how come your thrift store finds are so much better than mine???!!! You got some treasures there! And you have given me a real good idea about a little coffeepot I have with no innards, I'm going to make a grease can out of it, too!!!

  2. Golly, those are some seriously GOOD junkin' finds. Maybe stuff is better in the South, I don't know....I never see such good stuff...but will start looking with "different" eyes, like you do, and think about what some paint can do for it!


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