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Molly's Country Memories

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bargains, Bargains, Bargains, did I mention I love Bargains?

Yesterday I had to go to the Dr. and have blood work done, in a city that is 75 miles away, so while out and about, my Hubby, his Brother and SIL and I went Thrift Store shopping, we hit Hudsons and Dirty Cheap...I wasn't really looking for anything in particular but did happen to find several real bargins and with my Little Granddaughter's birthday coming up, I was very happy with these...butterflies are her favorite...can you see the price on this little fuzzy make-up is $29.99. It is in perfect condition, it's only missing 2 little brushes which will be easy to replace....price $3.99, how neat is that...what little 8 yr old would love this.

Next is a cute little Barbie Flower Shower Mermaid and anyone who has ever bought a Barbie item knows that they are high...the original price tag on this is $15.99 and it is in perfect condition, the box is damaged, a little tape will take care of that...what little girl plays with the box. Cost...$3.00.

Also at this great bargain store I found my little girl a new bed, her old one was getting old and worn from washing, but when I priced them at Wal-Mart I just put it off, but when I saw this with the price tag of $29.99 marked down to $10.00 I jumped at it...she's not very happy with it but she'll get used to it...

So I recieved a total of $75.99 worth of merchandise for only $16.99 so cool I love hunting bargains. And with the economy the way it is we need all the bargains we can get.
Hope y'all find some good bargains out there.....part of the fun is looking.
On top of these bargains, we went to our favorite Resturant, (we were to busy shopping to eat Dinner) (or Lunch) so we went to eat at 3:30 and can you imagine our surprise when we found out they had an early bird special on the buffet from 1:00 till 4:00 pm, that was only $5.99 per person, plus Senior discount, DH and I both ate for $12.82 for the same buffet that we usually pay $21.69 for.
I am so happy about finding this out. I will make sure we get there before 4:00 when we go from now on.


  1. It sounds like you had a bargain of a day all the way around! You had some really great finds! I know your granddaughter will love her things!


  2. You really did good girl LOL.

    Off for my trip .. catch you next week

    Terry S

  3. Oh my stars, you had yourselves a great day!
    Bet you were grinnin' all the way home.
    I love senior discounts, it's the payback we get for getting older, and slower, and feeble!
    Have you seen those hats that say, "Give me my Senior Discount"?
    Glad you had so much fun, hope too that your testing came out alright.

  4. Yer a girl after my own heart -- how I love a bargain, it's so fun to pay less, gets me walking on air when I think I "done good" and get things my family would enjoy. I think you made out like a bandit, that is some excellent bargains you got there!!!


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