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Molly's Country Memories

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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Prayers needed and a sad reminder of the times we live in...

Yesterday I told y'all my Sister and I were taking a road trip and going junkin' , I got a lot of good junk' ( will take pictures and show in a later blog) and we shared a lot of sweet memores, as we headed back in time to the College town of Clinton, MS. where MS College is located. We enjoyed the day so very much and I will also show pictures and tell what we did in a later blog.
But for right now I would like to ask all my friends and other bloggers to be in prayer for our Country and for a family that I don't know but my heart goes out to.
On our way home from Clinton we past a small Stuckey's store that sits on I-55 at a little cross roads town called Golman, of course we were running our mouth's and missed the turn, so we didn't go to the store as we usually do when in that area. When we got to Hazelhurst about 10 miles down the road, we went to our favorite Antique Store to look around, when we entered the store the owner was on the phone, when she got off she was crying and told us that the store at Golman had just been robbed and that the store clerk, a young 18 year old girl had been shot and killed. It just broke my heart, why would someone want to kill a child that hadn't even had a chance to live.... over a small amount of money, the owner said they never have over $50.00 in the register. We are sadly living in a time when life means so little anymore. They are still looking for the killer, but they are afraid with the store right on the interstate like it is, he could be in another state by now.
My prayers and thoughts go out to the young girl's Family.


  1. Gosh Molly, that is so very sad. I will definately keep this young lady's family in my prayers..

    The times we are living in now, in my opinion, is only going to get alot worse down the road..with the economy the way it's going now and all.. It is so very sad... and so very scarey!

    We've got to continue to keep our Country and President and all the white house and cabinet members in our prayers, for them all to make the right decisions, especially now!


  2. She is in my prayer bowl as we speak.

    Terry S.

  3. That's terrible and sad news. It makes me so upset. That poor girl.


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