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Molly's Country Memories

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Sunday, February 08, 2009

A sneak peek....

Before I run out the door headed to Church, I wanted to post a little sneak peek of what I found Fri. while junkin' in Clinton. I have needed a little match holder for a long time, but everyone I found I painted and sold on Ebay, well not this one...I decided it's going to be for me...
isn't it can see that it has a tag of $2.00, no way was I paying that much, so I asked real sweet like in my best Southern Drawl, is this the least y'all take for this, yes he said..well then no, said I. As I headed out the door he says, how about 1.00, I says how about .50 cents and he says DEAL. Oh, how I love junkin''t wait to see it painted and since my kitchen is done in Roosters...who would have ever guessed, giggle. And I can paint a Rooster before the hen can lay an egg, it is done..
I just love it, as does my Dear Hubby. I must say without his encouragement I'd stopped painting long ago...he is my biggest fan and I love him for that.
Will see y'all this evening. Hope you have a beautiful peaceful day and remember Today is the Day the Lord has made.


  1. So fun to see him again here! LOVE the 50 cent story ... had me falling off my chair :D

    He gets more awesome every time I see him!

    Terry S

  2. Molly you're are just the coolest lady.
    You have vision, to see past junk, and make it into something fantastic!
    It doesn't hurt to have your artistic talent either! Everytime I visit, you've done something new and tweaked your blog...lookin' good by the way....and you've usually made, painted, re-created junk into something fashionable. You'd be a fun gal to know, and go junkin' with, fer sure!!!

  3. No wonder yer hubby is yer biggest fan, honey, you can PAINT! I can see the feathers perfect on olde Cock Rooster! Very nice!


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