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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day to all my friends

I wanted to send a great big Happy Valentine's Day wish to all my blogger friends.
I also wanted to send my love out to a very special group of ladies that I chat with everyday at ToleTown, their love and encouragement have helped me through some touch times. Also my friends Trish, Kay, Judy, Carol, Chelly, The Ladies of the WPZ, all dear ladies that are always close by when I send the little message "you got mail" I have made so many friends on-line and don't mean to skip anyone.
Happy VD to all my new friends here in blog town, Susan, Penni, and all of my followers thank are so special to me. I am extremely Blessed with y'all as friends. As Momma always said, "Family has to like you, but friends don't, that's what makes it so special when they do."
I'd like to share the sweet Valentines that the ladies from TT made and sent to each other......
I just love this little kitty, looks like me with a sucker
The paper on this one is folded and it looks like tin sheeting

I loved working this puzzle, terry is so creative... There are a couple that where bought and jazzed up, but most where hand made , all of these ladies are so talented and I love each and everyone of them.Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a special day with that someone special.


  1. What pretty, pretty cards! Hope you and hubby and Chi Chi are all having a good day! It was my lucky day when I found yer blog, just want to say I LOVE TO DROP IN, you are one fine and sweet gal & funny to boot!

  2. Thanks Susan and Penni, y'all have made my time here fun. I am new to blogging and was really scard to try.


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