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Molly's Country Memories

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Loving gestures and sweet memories.

Dear Hubby and I rarely exchange gifts on Valentine, we will usually go out and eat supper.
We always had to be extra saving to make ends meet while our 3 boys were growing up, and then when we finally reach a point that we could afford to spend the extra for candy and flowers we just saw no purpose for it. We know we love each other and we show it everyday..DH makes me special peices of furniture without me asking or for any reason other than I have said I might like one of those.... My boys didn't take after dear Hubby, they are always surprising me with little things for Valentine's, nothing big, just little things they know I will use and cherish., because they know they will first get a kiss and thank you, then a lecture on how they should spend that on their kids or
Well to make a long story short I recieved a surprise gift in the mail today from my youngest son, who lives in Madison, Surprise because he and his wife had come down last Sunday and took Hubby and I out to eat because he was on call at the Hospital this week-end. It was a small simple envelope, with a small object wrapped in tissue, no letter or anything, just this beautiful key ring that has Mom on one side and the saying "Don't drive faster than your Guardian Angel can fly" on the other. Isn't this the cutest thing I think it would look good on a chain as a necklace...hummm might give it a try...
My oldest son and his wife gave me this package of the best smelling room freshener with of course my favorite picture on it. I know you are suppose to empty the content into a bowl, but I just love the package so I simply opened it and set it in a wooden bowl on the high back dresser in the living room.
My middle son also sent his love, from Richland, I recieved this in the mail today. He always picks out his card for me, the inside had a private note that tells me how much he loves him Mom. It bought back a sweet memory of the only time I ever recieved flowers at work. Ever year on Valentine's there was a group of ladies at the factory where I worked who would recieve flowers from their hubbies, The rest of us couldn't help but laugh because everyone knew everyone and half of the ones who recieved flowers fought with their hubbies all year or they were running around or their hubby was, but they always got flowers with sweet love words on the card. It was such a joke, well you can imagine my surprise when they called me to come to the front to pick up my was quitely steaming cause I was going to kill my hubby when I got home...I was handed a tall vase with 1 simple red Rose, I had to cry when I read the card, it said..."For all you do this Bud's for you" it was from my 2d son, he was 20 at the time and his wife was expecting their first baby. He didn't have the money for this rose, but he loved me enough to spend what he had alotted for his lunch money that week on me. I will never forgot that rose.
To me these little tokens of love mean more than anything else.


  1. Wow! That makes me want to tear up just reading about it. How very special. You are right about feeling like you don't really have to exchange gifts when you know your love is mutual.

  2. You raised 'em right, honey, that's obvious! What beautiful sons!

  3. You did a good job raising 3 sensitive boys. That, was a gift to the future women in their lives. Good Job Molly and hubby.
    Love in your house, for sure!

  4. molly,I am so delighted you stopped and signed up to follow my know...that Ol Dame Penniwig...what a peach (lol) well.... usually....Corgi Momma and I LOVE to get in trouble over at the Penniwig blog....See you again soon!


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