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Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday's Favorite Family Photo...

My friend, Deborah, hosts Friday's Favorite Family Foto. I am participating for the first time this week and I hope you enjoy my photos.... Please drop by her blog and see what family photos others have posted!
This week since Keifer is my oldest Grand and is growing up. oh..he has gown up so fast, that I wanted to show you pictures of him from being a baby till now, and show you why I am so proud of him and his Daddy for their bond. His Daddy has raised him since he was very little and they have a special bond...

Keifer at 2 mos old, and his Dad ...1989.

Even at 4 yrs old he could beat Ronnie at computer games

His first taste of Crawfish, we laughted till we cried ,he tried eating pinchers and all..a love was formed early on...if there are crawfish around don't get in this boy's

He still loves hunting with his Dad

Then first grade arrived, we turned around and he was no longer a little boy but a young man...

He loves his little Sister
His computer

His baseball and soccer , Richland was South State Champs in 2008 his Senior year, he kicked the winning goal, these are the Seniors on the team. He played sick for over a month, the Dr kept telling him it was a bad cold, and we couldn't make him sit out, not for one night..the night they played and lost State Champs, he collasped on the field and still didn't want to sit out. It turned out he had Mono, he was one sick boy, that was a yr ago and he still hasn't regained his total strenght back.

And his Hannah

He graduated in 2008 and started Hinds Community College in the Fall and is taking his pre-req for Nursing, his girl who he was been going with since he was 14 is in her first year of Nursing School, she graduated in 2007, so hopefully he will get in next year and if they both become Nurses won't that be sweet. They grow so fast as the old song goes "Turn around and he's little, turn and around and he's are grown, turn around and he's a young man going out of the door" It is so true. Hold on to them while you can enjoy them, slow down and don't rush.
Well that ends my pictures of the family for this week. Come back and visit again.


  1. What a handsome grandson you have! I loved reading about his relationship with his dad...that is to be treasured. I wish him all the best as he pursues his dream of becoming a nurse. You are so right...they grow up FAST!

  2. Wow ... this was great! I had seen some of these, but how fun to see them in order and watch Keifer grow :)

    Family Foto Friday ... what a grand idea!

    Terry S

  3. What a wonderful walk down memory lane - looks like they both grew up.

  4. Great photos - wonderful memories - and may there be many more blessed years!

  5. Molly, in a few photos you showed a life...touching hearts and making some softies like me, ok, maybe it's just hormones, tear up.
    He obviously was loved much during his journey!

  6. Great photo progression of Keifer!

  7. Hello Molly
    It's my first time visiting you. I love your music. Keifer is a very handsome boy and loved, you can tell. Great job to your son.
    I have 2 boys left at home. Riley who is 18 and Colt 16. They are great boys and couldn't ask for better. My daughter is 20 and on her own in this great big world.
    Happy Foto Friday
    Love Claudie

  8. What a handsome young man, my son is 19 today, they do grow up so fast, I really can't take believe how quickly the times does fly...Keifer does you proud...

  9. Yep!...that's the way they grow...right before our eyes! He's a handsome fellow and wow! - look at his Hannah!

    Thank you for sharing!

  10. Molly
    What a great thing it is to reflect on family. It's fun to look bcak and see them grow. Sounds like his dad did a great job raising him.
    Have a great weekend.

  11. Molly it's me again, getting pesky ain't I? Just fit to be tied at hearing that yer doctor cancelled that appointment, I wish you could get a good doctor, they are rarer than hen's teeth however. This is just ridiculous, now how long do you have to wait for another appointment? You need to get to the bottom of why you feel so puny and these doctors are NOT helping!!!

  12. I enjoyed this post! Precious pictures! I have a grandson that is growing up too fast for me.

  13. Molly, that is the most beautiful post. I came by yesterday and nothing came up. I decided to try again this am. Thank you for sharing your wonderful "boys" I hope your grand is feeling better now.


  14. Molly, welcome aboard! I love looking at all of the Friday Fotos. I am a little late commenting because my son has started high school baseball and you know how that is. Your grandson is a very handsome young man. Now, I know this sounds creepy but I know exactly where you are in MS. I have spent the past 4 summers in the Jackson area because my husband, Phillip, is the manager for the Mississippi Braves. Have Y'all ever attended those games? We will be there again this summer. I won't be there until school is out in June. Our son is a Jr. in high school. We also have a daughter at Baylor and she just visits when she can in the summer. We have rented near the Resevoir and in Ridgeland. This summer we are renting a home in Bellhaven. I love being there in the summers and eating crawfish! Come by and visit my blog sometime.


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