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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Junk' store finds and a lovely time

Yesterday my Sis and I took a road trip to several small MS. communities to do a little junkin' and to just take a little trip back in time. We went to a store that a friend had told me about in OLD Clinton...
A few facts about Clinton,
Founded in 1823 Clinton was originally known as Mount Salus, which means "Mountain of health". In 1828, the name was changed from Mount Salus to Clinton in honor of DeWitt Clinton, the former governor of New York.
The first road through Mount Salus/Clinton was the Natchez Trace.
Mississippi College, a Christian university located in Clinton, is the oldest college in the state of Mississippi, was founded January 24, 1826.
During World War II, Camp Clinton was established, a German POW camp south of town which housed about 3,000 German soldiers. Most of the prisoners were from the Afrika Korps. Of the 40 German generals captured in WWII, Camp Clinton housed 35 of them.
Any how to make a long story short, Clinton is trying to rebuild their old part of town which is connected to the Campus and has turned it into a Arts and Craft Center, the water color artist Wyatt Waters has a studio in the building where Uncle had his grocery store untill 1970 when he became Mayor and then retired.
It is a very beautiful little town, and it still has it's brick streets. Here are some pictures taken
The building with Bank on it is the original Bank of Clinton it is now a branch of TrustMark.
The building with the stuff in front is a place called When Pigs Fly, and really had some neat stuff, I could stay in there all day.

This is a neat idea for a plant thing is they want $250. bucks for the chair....

I took a picture of Sis standing on the corner where we used to play when we went with Granny to see Uncle Norman, if you look behind the stop sign there is a blue building that is the old Pevey Grocery Store, it is now Wyatt Waters art studio.
There is work going on next door. I believe I was told that is going to be the Community
Directors office.
These 2 pictures are of the same street just different sides, this is the Street that runs into the College Campus. You can see the original brick streets
If you look close at the end of the street you can see the College Bell Tower . Also a better view of the main street of the Historical Distrist of Old Clinton.
I hope you enjoyed the picture trip to Clinton as much as I enjoyed taking them.


  1. Cool Town! this is my kind of shopping! Nice to see a pic of Sis too (now there's an image in my head when you talk about her :)

  2. What a neat entry...loaded with history, pictures and a glimpse of what MS looks like. I love small towns and Clinton sure is a pretty one. Thanks for sharing your day with us!
    My kind of day!!

  3. Clinton sure is pretty! Love those brick streets.


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