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Molly's Country Memories

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Susan's Shop Model Audition 2012

I am so excited tonight. About 3 weeks ago a very popular local Dress shop that specializes in Prom & formal wear had a Model Audition  2012 contest. The will be 3 stages, the first being Photogenic, the winners were announced today, out of 165 contestants they narrowed the field to 68. The next stage will be posted Weds. Both of my beautiful girls made it through to the 2d round. How excited this that. 
I found out about the contest a couple of weeks ago and asked the girls & their parents, if they would like to enter and they did. Neither one thought they would go past 1 level but thought it would be fun to try. There were girls of all ages, but the teen girls where so beautiful and alot of them had modeled before..thus the reason they didn't think it would amount to anything. 

This is the picture of Marissa I sent in
This is Morgan's picture I used

please keep your fingers crossed that they can advance to the finals


  1. I do have my fingers crossed! Congrats to them both.

  2. It's lovely to see you and your beautiful girls again, Molly!! I hope you've been keeping well and warm, and that you all will have the most WONDERFUL Christmas together!


  3. I wish them the best - so be sure and tell us when they make it! sandie


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