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Molly's Country Memories

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

You say Violin....I say Fiddle

Back in Sept. Richland, MS. where my middle boy and his family live had Richland in the park Day, it was alot of fun. Games, lawn mower races, craft & food vendors and a live music show. My little Rissa, who by the way isn't so little any more, she just turned 11. Where has the time gone...anyway I digress, plays in the String (all violin) band.
Here are some pictures I took of their performance...she is growing into a beautiful little lady.
The Band Director introducing them...
 The whole band
 My little Princess

 she has her game face

Rissa's " boy friend" doing his solo, Turkey in the Straw..
We will be going back to the Dr tomorrow for Charles to have staples removed and find out what the biopsy showed. Please say a small pray that it will be benign. 
Hope to find time to visit all this week end.


  1. Oh, Molly---how I've missed these glimpses of HOME! And I've certainly missed YOU.

    Just to be there when the band's playing would be enough---but to be so proud cause one of them's YOURS---doubledip!

    Best of thoughts and prayers to all of you tomorrow and on through the holiday season,


  2. Oh, how beautiful Rissa is, Molly. I know your heart was overflowing with love and pride.

    You and Charles will be in my thoughts and prayers today. I pray that he will get good news from his doctor.

  3. Many prayers sent!

    It's nice to see her doing something like this. A great talent to have.

  4. Oh Molly - I remember your granddaughter - How is she doing? And a boyfriend too. How sweet. She looks like she has grown up quite a bit and in the band - awesome. Prayers for hubby too. Let us know.



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