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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Thanks you for being a friend....and Antiques

For some reason the words to this song are stuck in my head this morning....

Thank you for being a friend, traveled down the road and back again, your heart is true you're a pal and a confidant... and if you threw a party and invited everyone you knew you would see the biggest gift would be from me and the card attached would say Thank you for being a friend.
That is how I feel about my friends here in Blogland. Thank you for being my friend and for letting me rant about my trip yesterday. I promise I won't make a habit of it. I was just so down heartening after all the encouragement he had given me in Dec. about he thought he knew what my problem was and everything was going to be alright, then all the months of waiting and rescheduling for him to walk in with a 180 degree turn around. But enough said about him and my disastrous Dr's. visit.
I am a strong person always have been, always have had to be. When life knocked me down I always got up brushed myself off and started over again.This morning I have called my Family Dr. A close friend of my son's from first't it nice to have a Dr that you know and you have watched grow up...boy that makes me feel old.
Anyhow he was quite upset about the way he did me. We have decided to redo my test, and send them to Dr Woo in Jackson, he is DH Thyroid Dr. I should have went to him to start with. But I wanted a Dr I could talk really got Woo is a very abrupt Dr. no personality and very out spoken, (when he speaks,) mostly walks in....looks at chart says ok, do so and so. Any problems? You tell him what you have to say, he says ok, come back in 2 mos.. ect, that's it, and it's his way or the Highway, BUT he is a very good "Dr" and his patients come first. He would have tested every avenue, the time to take another test would never have been considered as a waste of time. He would never show the kind of disrespect this man did.
I did go by a Antique Mall yesterday and saw some very nice things. I started taking some pictures to show everyone and only got 3 taken when the mall owner asked me not to take any pictures, her clients wouldn't like it...ok, no problem, even though there were no crafts there to copy, just antiques...DO YOU GET THE FEELING YESTERDAY WASN"T MY
I will show my pictures I got on blue Monday. But here is one that doesn't have to wait....I just love these old stoves
I am going to be busy most of the day. I have several things I must (or I think ) I must get done today. Thursday is fast approaching. Will talk to y'all tonight. And I promise no more talk about that and I use the term loosely DR.


  1. Molly, you cant rant and rave as much as you need to sweet friend. I've had a doctor like that before and being from new orleans I'm sure you know I let him have it. Today I have two beautiful doctors who not only want to know about your health they want to know about you and your family.

    Now that's great bedside manners!!

  2. That was suppose to say you Can rant and rave...Not you can't.

    Good Grief!! Sorry!!

  3. Molly ... here's my 2cents ... callback that Dr friend of your son's. tell him that while you know Dr Woo is good, you can't understand him! Isn't there anybody else in the area that is comparable --- even if he's a bit farther away.

    If he says no, then it's Dr Woo. But if you start all over again, might as well start with someone you can talk to.

    I know it's a phone call you don't feel like making, but a few moments of being uncomfortable will more than even out when you're sitting in a doctor's office that can discuss things with you. I'm sorry, but good doctor or not, I feel we have the right to understand our treatments totally. And we should demand that things be explained to our satisfaction -- after all. we are the paying customers.

  4. Honey it sure ain't been yer day. Geez. I think that mall owner is a Cuckoo-bird. Who cares if you were taking pictures of antiques??? People are crazy...tiresome devils...LOL...

    At least your family doctor is good-hearted. We have awful doctors around here. Wish I could go to my vet, he's really good!!! (He's a Large Animal vet, too, so that would cover me, right?)

  5. Isn't it sad when the local vets are better than learned MD's? Blogs are made for ranting.
    They serve a purpose! Hang in and hang on.
    God bless ya.

  6. What are friends for if not to listen. Feel free to rant all you want.

  7. Hang in there, and God bless you!


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