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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Friday's Family Foto...pretty long...

Deborah over at is hosting Favorite Family Foto. You get to see lots of family photos, hop on over and check them out
Today is Family Foto Friday
Today I want to introduce you to my last son, my Baby Boy, my miracle Child. I had my first 2 sons early in life, 20 and 25. Then over the years I had a lot of female problems. I lost a child at 30 and was told, I couldn’t have any more….would never be able to conceive. But what do Drs. Know, that is God’s decision, not man’s. When I turned 36, this same Dr ( an OBGYN) told me I had a tumor and needed surgery to remove it. My surgery was scheduled the week before Thanksgiving.
In the mean time a week before it was scheduled, (I believe God took control of things) I took a terrible headache and had to be taken to the ER. My Family Dr. a GP, met me there and in the process I told him about the tumor and planned surgery, he examined me and just grinned, he said “it’s a tumor alright, give it about 7 mos and it’s going to be screaming it’s little head off”. Thank God for the headache. I would have gone in for surgery and never knew I had lost my little boy.

My pg. wasn’t easy, I nearly lost him 2 times, one time the Dr told me it was a miracle I was still carrying him, that he was one tough little guy. He hung on with tooth and nails. He was a fighter and has been that way all his life. I was bed ridden for 3 month, but oh the suffering was well worth it.
When I thought I'd gone into labor they sent me home from the ER at 7:00 PM and told me I had at least another week to go…wrong, 7 hrs later I was back and never made it past the ER. Lance was born in the hallway as the Dr ran in the back door….and the world met James Lance Smith on Aug the 8th 1979. On his terms and he’s been that way ever since…lol…

Baby boy was full of energy and very hyper. He has never slept more than 3 hrs at a time his whole life. He terrorized his big brothers friends, and his big brothers.
One such time was when he was 5, Ronnie brought a friend home from school for lunch, he said he heard the bedroom door open, Lance came running down the hall rounded the corner into the kitchen, hit poor Lee right between his legs with his fist ran back to his room and left poor Lee rolling on the floor in pain, of course he got punished, but Lee got the last laugh, 17 yrs later he was Lance's Boss at Brookhaven Hospital and he picked on him bad, fun picking not bad picking. They both laughed about what happen then, but it wasn't funny at the time.
He was extremely smart and our “professional” in the making ball player, he lived and breath baseball, from the time he picked up his first ball and bat at age one. One College Coach told us that he had never seen a boy who though baseball like Lance did when he played. He
seldom made a mistake because he thought his moves out before doing it. He started playing on a team when he was 6 and was pitching at age 8, he was a natural, when he pitched, lol…no one wanted to be hindcatcher, they said he burnt their hands through the mitt he pitched so hard, but that was the problem he had one speed and that was fast and hard, he tore his arm too pieces before he was 13. We’d try to tell him slow down, warm up, but he went at anything he did full steam ahead.. He had to have surgery on his shoulder and elbow, when he was in the 10th grade, he had torn his rotary cup and pulled the tendons away from his elbow. he never did get his pitch back, and he was the type that he had to be perfect or else. He was a power hitter, it was nothing for him to get 2 or 3 home runs in a game. He had college scouts looking at him when he was 13 yrs old in Pony league. He finished playing his High School years and then quit

He broke his hand 2 times, fractured his collarbone while diving for a ball, broke his right arm while playing baseball. He has his ankle fractured, had a front tooth knocked loose and jaw fractured while playing Soccer. He puts his all into anything he does.

His special friends during school was Oliver his Pot Bellied Pig and My Chi-Chi and her twin Chancy, Chancy dispappeared out of our yard when she was 6 mos. old and when he went to Jackson to work I inherited Chi-Chi and when he got a place where he could keep her, he wouldn't take her away from me. Oliver died shortly before he graduated from College.
When he went to College he said it was time to study and make a future for himself.
In High School he was elected Mr. Loyd Star and most handsome.
He was a member of the National honors Society through Jr. High, High School and College, Member of America’s Who’s Who in High School. And Charter Member of Co-Lin’s English Honors Society.

He Graduated, top 3 in his Radiology class, with a 4.0 grade Average. Whatever he did he did with perfection, it was all or nothing.
While at Co-Lin he went to classes, did Clinical and worked full time at Brookhaven Hospital. His second semester at Co-Lin, he was jumping on the Trampoline and broke his neck, Thank our Dear Lord he wasn’t paralyzed, but had to wear a brace for 3 mos. The teacher and students helped him continue his classes by doing his lifting of patients for a few weeks. He went to work at St Dominic’s at age 19 full time and moved to Jackson . Needless to say I cried. . He moved out of X-ray and became a Specialties Tech 2 years later, he only works in Surgery with the Neuro Drs.

This was taken on his 23d Birthday in his new house. At age 21 he decided he wasn’t paying rent all his live so he bought his 1st home, had it furnished and had a new truck and it paid for. To say he could manage money would be an understatement, don’t know where he got it from…lol…
When he was 25 a new kid came to work at St. D. as an X-ray tech, A friend introduced them and it was litterly love at first sight. And how weird is this, we live on the south side of Wesson on highway 51, 2 miles from Wesson, Her Family lived on the north side of Wesson on Hwy 51, a mile from Wesson , they lived a mire 3 miles from each other all their lives and never knew the other existed, she was starting high school the year he graduated so they never ran into each other anywhere around the county. We tell him God was saving her untill the time was right. I believe she is the only person who could put up with his obsessive goals for himself, he doesn't expect them from others, just himself. When he feels like he not doing good enough she just kisses him and tells him in her book he's the greatest and he'll settle down. Did I mention he was ADHD

They married on Jan. 15th 2005,

they spent a lovely week in Aruba for their Honeymoon.

He loves to sky dive

2 yrs ago they bought a new 4 bedroom home in Madison, the one he had bought only had 2 bedrooms and one he turned into a computer room/office. They have no little ones yet, just their 2 fur babies,

Belle is the first and oldest and Buddy Lee the bad boy, he's just like Lance into They love to travel and have been quite a few places. She is only 25 and now is an MRI tech, for a private clinic and he is 29, so they want to travel awhile before starting a family.
I sometimes look back and see everything he has accomplished in his short 29 yrs and I shiver when I think a Drs stupid mistake could have cost me the pleasure of knowing this great little man.
Sorry this is so long, but I could go on for hours about the things this kid has done .

Thanks for stopping by, please feel free to leve comments, I like to hear what everyone thinks.


  1. What a wonderful word portrait and what a wonderful son. He is a wonderful reflection of you. Thank you for visiting my Pink Saturday post and commenting.
    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  2. Fantastic story and pictures. I know you are very proud of him.

  3. What great pictures and a great post! I can tell how proud you are of him and you should be!
    My grand mother had a similar problem with a doctor like you did. She had her tubes tied. A month or two later she started gaining weight and for some reason went to her doctor. He ran some tests and found out that she was pregnant. They worried the next few months over whether the baby would be healthy or even live as she was actually pregnant when they tied her tubes. That is the story she tells me and has told me that story for years. Oh, she had a boy and he was healthy! Praise the Lord!

  4. Molly, this is just a wonderful story that you've shared. Thanks so much for it.
    The pictures perfectly went along with it~~
    What a life, huh? What a kid! What a man!
    Just a wonderful, wonderful story!

  5. I'm so glad you had a headache. He's a beautiful guy Molly!!!

  6. But are you PROUD of Lance, Molly???

    LOL...what a great guy. You hit the jackpot with your sons, honestly. Lance is amazing!

  7. This is my visit to your place. I am so glad I chose today to visit! Lance sounds like such an exceptional young man. I loved seeing the pictures of him as he grew up. I am so thankful the Lord has a plan that often is so different from ours! Have a great weekend.

    Many hugs.........


  8. What a lovely story and GREAT pictures. I find it ironic that your son & his wife are radiologists.

  9. Thanks, yep, Penni to say the least I am proud of him, not so much from what he has acomplisted, but for the person he and his brothers are. The one thing I am most proud of in my boys is the fact that anyone who ever met them can say when their names are mentioned is, I know him and boy if you need help, just holler and they will be there.
    I may not be rich and have a great big house, but I am rich behind words in my boys. They aren't Saints, but they are Gentlemen.....and I give God they glory for that.

  10. Dear Molly, I have been glued to your story of Lance. His beginning in life all the way to now, is a wonderful story. Usually if a blogger tells a real long story they lose me. NOT TODAY! Lance, like Mary, is a very special person. They deserve so much admiration for everything they accomplish. My daughter needs to read this story. Her son, 12 years old, suffers with ADHD and her biggest worry is when he grows up. Will he be leading a normal life? Thank you for your awesome post and photos today. Lance is a very handsome guy and I am proud of him too.


  11. Hmm, I always wondered what a tumor looked like.

  12. Wow - what an insprational story - and you certainly can tell a story remarkably well! Thank you for sharing this today!

  13. Hi!
    Very handsome guy! And his wife is beautiful! He's very accomplished to be so young. Wonderful photos to go with your wonderful story! Have a great day!


  14. My oldest daughter will turn 30 this year in May. Where does the time go? I loved the story and especially the pictures, thanks for sharing.

  15. Wonderful post about your son! I had a son late in life too and they are such a treasure! You must be very proud of James!

  16. oh Molly what a special boy you have.and yes,i have heard of this happening a few other times.surely when they open you up they can save the babies.but thank God you didn't have that problem.
    i have some "special"ones in my life you know,they are all special and all a blessing...ann

  17. Hello Molly...

    Just read the sweet note that you left on my music boxes...thank you so much for coming by and leaving such a nice comment!!!

    My friend, I just read through this beautiful post honoring your son Lance! What a fabulous story!!! Oh my, and to think that the Drs. told you that you had a tumor! I loved reading all about your son and his successes in life...he sounds like an extrodinary young man!!! My oldest grandson was born on August 8th and he is the apple of my eye...must be a great day for great boys to be born!!!

    Warmest wishes,

  18. What a fantastic story about a fantastic son! Your pride of him and love for him are so obvious! Aren't sons wonderful? Thanks for sharing this inspiring story of your son's life! I wish him and his bride many years of happiness and success!


  19. Hey Molly,
    I enjoyed your post about your son! I hope my boys turn out as good as he did! By the way, I have an attitude of gratitude award for you over at my place! Come on over and pick it up sometime!
    Have a great weekend!

  20. Wow, this was a remarkable and inspiring story about your son....

    thank you so much for all your encouraging comments over on my blog....

    I will be visiting you regularly.


  21. Molly, what a beautiful post!! Your son has accomplished so much for being so young (he's my hubby's age- 2 years older than me) and you can tell how proud you are of him, as you should be!! You are a very lucky woman...I posted my fff very late this week but I think you know what my pic is this week...

  22. Molly, what a great story and what a wonderful boy you have. I have three sons, too. I think kids are God's greatest gifts to us.

  23. I can see why you are proud of Lance. He is smart and handsome. Not bad for a guy that started out as a little tumor. I hope you changed doctors after that.

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