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Monday, April 27, 2009

The Simple Woman's Day book

FOR TODAY Monday 4-27-2009
Outside my window...
It's a new week, the sun is not quite up yet, there is a wood pecker tapping out a perfect rhythm on the Oak tree outside my bedroom window. A cow is lowing for her Calf that Mr Hart is loading up to take to the sale barn. I hear Matthew's 4 wheeler humming along as he helps round up the calves for the sale. It's already getting warm and it's only 7AM, Mississippi summer is on the way.
I am thinking...
How very sad I am for having to cancel my Trip to Branson yesterday. But I hope I get over this crud soon.
I am thankful ….
For my Dr who is so good to me, and that I am fortunate enough to be able to go to the Doctor when I'm sick, I am thankful that I am feeling a little better and hope I can continue to improve.
The Drs who can run test on my GS Thurs and make sure he is ok.
From the kitchen...
Coffee, that's a given, not sure what else. DH will probably fix some oatmeal when he gets up. I ate a bowl of Cheerios to take my meds with, can't take this stuff on an empty stomach...we will play supper by ear. Depending on how I feel later today. Have some homemade soup in freezer I might just have to threw in Micro-wave...DH will make cornbread to go with it.
I am wearing
a purple night gown
I am going
To rest as much as possible and try to get well.
I am creating...
A give away for my blog, this week I will post my 200th post. Also trying to finish up my T2T item for exchange with TT.
I am reading...
Some great new blogs I've discovered and still Studying The Chapter of John.
I am hoping...
That this week will be better than last week. As far as me being sick. And
I am praying
that God will reach down and touch Redman and he is ok and has no heart problems when they do his test Thursday
I am hearing...
A fire truck coming up the highway headed toward Wesson, hope there isn't a wreck near the College where they have to use the jaws of life...very common this time of year. Kids just fly on the flats above my house.
Around the house...
clothes need washing, floors need mopping others need vacuuming, dishes need putting in dish washer...but it will wait till I'm feeling better, DH will put dishes in washer, the rest won't go anywhere which is too bad....
One of my favorite things...
The smell of the fresh plowed ground, where DH is getting it ready for the seed.
A few plans for the rest of the week:
Monday rest, rest, rest..
Tues. Go back for follow up with Dr. and maybe pick up a pizza for supper.
Weds. Clean or reorganize my paint room, a little at a time and try to finish up my T2T item for TT exchange, due Friday
Thurs. hopefully will feel well enough to go to the grocery store... and that we hear GOOD news from My GS's test.
Fri. Straighten up the house and get ready for the week-end...
Sat. Hope to be feeling well enough to go to the Braves game in Jackson, Sat night. My little Rissa-Kat is singing at the opening of the game. Her little 2d grade class from school will be preforming. She had to try-out and was excepted.
Sunday.. Will be going to Church and seeing all of the slide shows our group made while in Branson this week, at least I'll get to enjoy it that way..
Here is a picture thought for the day....
My first thought when I saw this scene was "A boy and his dog"
It's not very clear, I had to take it through my bedroom window with a zoom. My DH was setting down deciding what he wanted to plant, how many rows and where . If you look close you will see a black object laying behind him. That is Levi, our black Lab, I can always find DH when he's outside by simply finding Levi, where ever DH is, he is right beside him. If he's in his shop, Levi is on the top step, if he is in the swing, Levi is right behind it....never more than 3 steps away.
Hope you have a great day. don't forget to check out the other daybooks for today.


  1. Molly, thank you for the sweet notes you left for me at my Southern Lagniappe blog. I've enjoyed visiting your "Home Place," and will add you to my favorites so I can come back often. It's always nice to meet new Mississippi blogging friends.

    I'm sorry you've been sick and hope you will feel much better this week. Take care and get plenty of rest -- and thaw out that soup!

    P.S. ... I love the sweet picture of your husband planning his garden.

  2. I'm so sorry you're sick and had to cancel your trip to Branson. Hope you get better quick! Just rest and let everyone wait on you! ((Hugs))

  3. Molly:

    Hope you feel well really soon and your Monday list was really interesting. I love these little peeks into how others spend their time. And I see that puppy.

    Have An Amazing Monday
    from The Raggedy Girl-Roberta Anne

  4. I love reading your Monday posts. I'm sorry you couldn't make your trip and pray you feel better soon. I am currently studying John myself. I'm mesmerized by it!

    Happy Monday!

  5. Get well soon Molly. Get lots of rest and tlc. Isn't homemade soup the best when your sick. Nothink like it.

  6. Oh, how sad Molly, I thought you were going to get well enough to go, you sure tried to nip it in the bud, but this is a terrible "crud" that is going around...keep's not your nature but rest even when you think you are getting better or it might jump back onto that Boy and his Dog picture, our 2 big old dogs are extremely attached to my husband, he "complains" he can't even use the restroom without them, but he enjoys their company...

  7. Enjoyed reading today's post. Hope you are well soon. So sorry you had to miss the trip to Branson.

  8. Such a touching Monday post. I hope you are feeling better very soon, such a sweet touching picture !
    Have a very blessed week.

  9. I'm sorry to hear that you had to miss your trip to Branson. Rest up an get better. Prayers for your grandbaby when he goes to the doctor. I bet your babygirl is getting excited about singing at the M-Braves game. If you get to go and you get close enough to Phillip, go ahead and yell at him. He reads my blog so he's probably seen you on here. I will tell him that you might be there. Brett and I are watching the Atlanta Braves right now. I like to watch because Phillip's had most of those boys. Brett came home feeling bad. His best friend Matt, who is in one of those pictures with Brett, was soft tossing to Brett and something weird happened with the ball. Matt grabbed for the ball with his left hand as Brett was swinging and the bat cut Matt's hand badly and may have broken it. Brett is upset about it. I told him it was just a freak accident. Matt is the starting shortstop so that is not good. You rest up now and I want to say that is a great picture of Levi and your DH. Sweet.

  10. I hope you are feeling much better soon.

    I really enjoy reading your blog. I have something for you on my blog. Please stop by to see it.

  11. Have a good week and hope your'e feeling better.

  12. I am so sorry you cancelled your trip to Branson and that you are sick, Molly. I hope you feel better soon and I hope your grandson is ok...Christine


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