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Monday, April 20, 2009

The Simple Woman's Day book

FOR TODAY Monday 4-20-2009 Outside my window...
The sun is just rising over the tree tops and the birds are chirping, the squirrels are raiding the bird feeder and a Blue jay is really throwing a are so funny.
I am thinking...
How very much I have to do before my trip Sunday, I am so excited to be going with my friends to Branson
I am thankful ….
To have my teeth finished and the pain behind me. for The sweet cleansing rain we received this pass few days.
From the kitchen...
for breakfast it’s hot coffee, fresh smoked bacon, home made biscuits with pears canned last fall.…Supper it is fried chicken wings, butter beans, cream corn, and fried okra all from my freezer and corn bread and sweet tea.
I am wearing
a purple night gown
I am going
to be very busy this week, house is totally trashed after me not being home most of last thought when I retired we'd get to travel alot, but all I've done is travel back and forth to the Dr's offices. Ghezz. enough is enough, already. 5 different trips last week. 2 in one day.
I am creating...
I am painting a special gift for my Neighbors little girl, who is now having her own little boy.My how time flies, this child was just running around playing on the trampoline and baseball with my BB. and we turned around and they are both grown and starting families of their own.
I am reading...
Some great new blogs I've discovered and still Studying The Chapter of John.
I am hoping...
to get my house in order and enough meals in freezer to last DH while I'm gone.. he is so helpless when I'm not here to personally point out everything to him. LOL, I had to leave early one day last week for dentist appointment, he has been sick so I left him sleeping, but had his oatmeal on the stove ready for him and bread in toaster all he had to do was push the lever down..When I got home he had ate a couple of cookies cause he didn't know I had fixed him breakfast. He couldn't just look on the stove and find baby.
I am hearing...
the birds singing, a squirrel and a Blue Jay screaming at each other, There are a few cars passing but inside the house is totally quit, except for DH and Chi-Chi’s soft snoring..
Around the house...
clothes need washing, floors need mopping others need vacuuming, dishes need putting in dish washer...I was a lazy little booger yesterday...
One of my favorite things...
The smells in my yard in the spring time, my wisteria, my confederate jasmine, my sweet olives and my banana bush, hummm....smells just like fresh bananas,
A few plans for the rest of the week:
Monday clean, clean, clean..
Tues. Buy groceries and take care of business in town, maybe even check in with the local Goodwill Thrift store.
Weds. cook freezer meals and try to finish gift for shower Sunday evening, will have to send it to her early since I will be gone Sunday.
Thurs. Go to Natchez to tour Antebellum homes and eat lunch with a dear friend who lost DH in Oct..
Fri. Finish up around house, making sure everything is in place for DH to survive alone. get my hair cut, start packing.
Sat. Not much of anything, but finish packing. Sat night will put roast and veggies in crock pot for DH lunch Sunday.
Sunday.. Leaving for Branson at 12:30. Yay...we'll be on our way. Now just hope that all the bad weather they have been having up that way disappears before we get there.
Here is a picture thought for the day....
It speaks for itself...

Hope you have a great day. don't forget to check out the other daybooks for today.


  1. Hope you have a great trip to Branson. I wish I had the stuff that's in your freezer, and your breakfasts always sound delicious.

  2. Molly... I always enjoy your daybook. Sounds like you have a busy week... I don't know about the frozen meals for DH as he appears to have stove issues... how about some gift certificates to McDonalds?! LOL

    Have a safe trip to Branson... one of my favorite parts of the country!

    blessings. Dixie

  3. This was a joy to read ... now I am all caught up. Glad to hear the teeth are good and Branson is going to be spoooo much fun :)

  4. Hope you have a great time in Branson! Glad you got your teeth work all done. Have a lovely day.

  5. I'm always hungry after reading your Monday blogs. :)
    I'm thrilled your pain is gone and wish you a joyful trip to Branson!!

  6. You should see my counters, Molly -- I have to have EVERYTHING lined up on them, and across the stove and on top the micro -- WHY? Husband and son can't find anything in the pantry or cabinet --

    I love to read your Daybook. It's always so interesting and always the cute bit of humor in it too!!!

  7. Have a wonderful trip in Branson with your friends. It's been a couple of years since I have been but would love to again soon.

    I love your picture thought. Thanks for coming by my blog as well.

  8. Blessings for your trip to Branson! Great post!

  9. You will have a great time in Branson! Good to hear your teeth are better.

    I had a real kooky person comment on my blog, didn't I? First time that's happened. I heard that Charles man on FOX today. I like him. During the election I knew arrogance would get in O's way if he won. It's true.

  10. Molly, wow! You are one busy lady this week. Take a breather every now and then. Have a great time in Branson! You should take a lot of pictures and pot them for Sightseeing Saturday...Christine

  11. Hmmm, what is this day book all about? I've seen it on your sidebar, but never a post until now...gonna go check out your other day book posts....


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