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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Monday's Day book ...a day

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FOR TODAY Tues 4-14-2009
Since I didn’t get to do my Day Book yesterday I am going to do a little copy of it today, not exactly but close…..
This morning outside my window...The sun is just coming up over the trees in the back of my house which is the east side…our Keifer pear tree has lost the blooms and is covered with leaves, can't wait for the pears to make, these are sooooo sweet and juicy, the grape vines are leafing out, the birds love usually fight me for them...litterly and DH has the garden all broke up ready to plant…it is so peaceful,

all I can hear is a the soft humming of a few early birds headed to Co-Lin…it is early so the rush hasn’t started. The birds are even quite today. Just softly chirping in the distance.

I am thinking...How extremely tired I am since I stopped taking my meds the Dr said I didn’t need. Or maybe I just over did it last week…lol…

I am thankful …..for our great Easter gathering at my house,
The 3 little Grands were the only ones I could get together for a group picture...lo..the big ones suddenly got camera shy.
I am sad that My Ronnie was sick and wasn’t able to come down with the rest of his family, I’m glad that Mindy’s Mom and Dad came down from TN to attended Ronnie’s Conformation Service Sat. night. DH and I are Southern Baptist, but Mindy is Catholic, she attended Church with him for 6 yrs and then he decided to attend with her 2 years ago. He decided to make the change and we are ok with his decision because it was from the heart. And what a perfect day to be confirmed, Easter week-end.
Sunday morning he woke, with a terrible headache and sore throat, and just couldn’t make it down. He was missed....Baby boy and his wife came down Sat and spent the day and she spent Sunday with his family while BB spend the day with us.

From the kitchen...not a whole lot, DH is still sick and doesn’t feel like eating much, coffee and maybe a small bowl of oatmeal, with cream, honey and butter over it. We’ll play supper by ear. Still have a lot of ham left and tater salad.

I am wearing…a green long night gown and fluffy white socks. Wish I could keep it on all day..hummm, why not?

I am going…to try to get a lot of rest this week, but will threw some dishes in the dish washer. And also will get to go to my first Ballgame this year…YA…Redman has his first Little League game tonight.
Oh how I’ve missed seeing Keifer play this year. I still cry, when I see other teams on the High School fields playing, yesterday we past Terry High baseball field on our way back from Clinton, there was a game going on and I actually broke down crying. That was the last field my Keif played on before graduation. That is the night he broke his hand and had to have surgery, it was the last game of the reg. season, he helped them get to play-offs but didn’t get to play in the championship games. He ended the season with a .450 batting average for the year and most RBI’s, stolen bases and home runs for the 4 yr period. It was such a joy to watch him run the bases, he was as fast as lightening. He decided not to take a scholarship for soccer or baseball, he went into Nursing and said it was time to grow up and study…I still think he could have done both, but actually his Coach had burnt him out on baseball, so sad, out of all the good players who left That school in the 4 years Keif went there, very few wanted to play in College they all said the same thing, they were just burnt out. OK sorry didn’t mean to get off track, but I just miss him playing so much.

I am hoping...That DH can finally get something done for this Sinus problem, it was been recurring ever 3-4 weeks for the last 2 years and it’s always....take more antibiotics and let's see, this time he is going to tell Dr Austin to do what he has to to get rid of it. I know it will probably mean surgery but what ever it takes, he has been going through hell for too long.

I am hearing... the ever increase sounds of cars whizzing by headed to school, and a bird sitting on a bush outside my window chirping wildly, but the house is totally quit, except for DH and Chi-Chi’s soft snoring..

One of my favorite things...watching my boys play ball, BB was a fantastic player and so was Keif, I hope Redman just plays and enjoys himself…the other 2 took the game too serious, if that is possible, they both took the weight of the team on their shoulders. Both of their Coaches said they were born leaders, all of the team members looked up to them and came to them for guidance, they enjoyed playing, but they felt like if the game was lost it was their fault…..they didn’t try hard enough, that’s not true, if a game is lost, it because the whole team didn’t try hard enough or the team did it’s best…..the other team just did better.
Redman is more laid back about playing so hopefully he will just enjoy the sport, he isn‘t as take charge as Keif and BB, he is just happy to follow…lol….……There will never be another Redman…lol…

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Tues. Get a little work done around the house
Weds. I hope to get a little junking’ done when dear Sis (if she is able to go, have to wait till tonight to see)and I go back to Clinton to pick up my parcel, I got a little done yesterday… I found a Hall’s Teapot, actually we found it when Sis and I went to Clinton several months ago, but it was a little pricey and since Sis saw it first I wouldn’t buy it, before making sure she didn’t want it, so we both left without…well it was still there yesterday and I talked her into letting me have it for $35.00 nearly 20% off. Also found a nice wooden coaster set, that just cried out to be repainted for 2.00 bucks.
Thurs. DH has an appointment with Dr in McComb, hope he will finally do something to help him.
Fri. Not doing anything I can get out of, probably a ballgame for Redman, they play 2 times a week. It might be Thursday.
Sat. will play by ear.
Sunday.. Will be going to Church
I find that the best laid plans my man and mice are easily changed.... as has been the case over the last few weeks with me, so I will just say I will try to do these
An interesting picture I found this week...

Hope you all have a blessed week.


  1. Hi Molly,
    This is my first visit to your blog. I actually came via Blue Monday, but figured I would leave my comment here. Looks like you had a nice Easter, cute grandkids! Tell your DH I had sinus surgery two years ago and it helped a lot. I felt like I had the flu all the time before it was done...Take care and have a wonderful day...~Cathy~

  2. I've tagged you to participate in this great blog meme, called Only Eight! Stop by my blog to find out how to play.

  3. Always love your day book writings, Molly! So interesting and so heartfelt. I like your combination of sweetness and spit-fire!

  4. Thanks Penni, I used to be all spit-fire but have mellowed with
    Leah, have got a post ready to schedule will let you know when...thanks
    Hi Cathy, thanks for stopping by. I went to your blog, but couldn't leave a post, will try later. DH has had 4 sinus surgeries in the last 15 years. The last one 3 yrs ago. But the staph has really gotten bad in the last 2 years. We are hoping he can go in and scrap it out like they did with my leg....We'll see. Thanks for the input.


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