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Friday, April 03, 2009

Update on my tooth and Dr's appointment

I just wanted to drop by, and give an up date on my tooth problem...I am still not up to snuff from this tooth being cut out, it still hurts and the meds keep me lulled down, I am so tired of eating jello and soup and ice cream, that I am ready to scream...DH went to our favorite rib shack today and got him a rack of ribs...ohhh, I love ribs..I am so desperate I even thought about putting some in the wouldn't have the same taste. But it don't look like I'll be eating much better for the next couple of weeks...Drat and Easter just a week away...I go back to have another one cut out Thurs....THURSDAY 2 days before Easter oh, how can anyone be that mean, Bad Dr..Bad Dr. ...Bad tooth,'d rather laugh then cry...My Dr is one of the sweetest fellows you'll ever meet.
But Praise God I finally have an appointment with my Endocrinologist Monday morning at 10:30. This is the Dr that has cancelled and rescheduled my appointment the last 3 appointment. I called to see when he would be back in the office and she told me he'd been back for 2 weeks...TWO WEEKS screamed I, then why hasn't he seen his patients that he cancelled last month. She said something about, these appointments that he's seeing now had been made for months so instead of working the patients that he cancelled, in early, in front of folks that had appointments after us he was just going to see us all on Good Friday when he would have been off, that it wasn't fair to bump this folks who have waited some of them Months for their appointment because it wasn't their fault he couldn't see us. So I said in other words the one of us that were at the head of the line got put in the back of the line at no fault of our own eiher. I also told her not to talk about waiting for months to see him, that I have waited since last Aug. My Dr made the appointment for Nov, they rescheduled it till Dec. I went in in Dec, all he did was look at the test my Dr sent and said these were some weird test results, give me meds to take for 2 mos and come back, Since then I have been rescheduled 3 times, and maybe they should look at the ones that had been rescheduled the most to decide who gets first appointment I also told her that 2 of those cancellation came by my cell phone when I was half way to Hattiesburg... 2 wasted trips. I told the Nurse when she called back to give me a date that if I'm cancelled and rescheduled 1 more time I'm out of here to another Dr. She still wanted me to come in Next Fri. good Fri and would just put me first that morning, at 8:00 first place....that would make me have to leave Brookhaven at 5:30 in the morning, meaning I'd have to be up by 4:00 am, but I told her I had to have a tooth cut out Thurs and didn't know if I would be up to driving 2 hrs and sitting in his office for lord only knows how long, the very next day. So she looked and found this one for Monday. Hummm wonder why she couldn't find it before I let my meds talk for me...Molly got a backbone as DH put'all wish me luck and pray that all is well and he finds out why I am having so much trouble. And pray he don't cancell on me again or I might go postal on
Good night all and Good Bless


  1. That doctor and his nurse are a pair. A pair of just what I'm not saying...good fer you, sic 'em Molly, otherwise they'll just keep stepping on you!!!

  2. Whoop Ass meds are what you're on girl!

  3. My poor sweet Molly :( That Doc better get you straightened out. And the teeth arghhhhh a dry socket is the worst pain.

    Just keep thinking about summer Molly .... all this will be a distan memory.


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