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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Friday's Family Foto Stampede...get out of the way.

Deborah over at is hosting Favorite Family Foto. You get to see lots of family photos, hop on over and check them out.....

Today I have a sad story to tell you about a very sweet loving boy I cherish very much, but alas we all have our hidden secrets and I'm afraid his is an addiction, suffered by many from the Great state of Louisiana, it's called sad how this terrible addiction can cause a sweet loving young man like this...see how sweet and normal he looks.....sign, just breaks my heart...giggle..sorry .....turn into well you'll see....giggle....

It all started years ago as a young lad, he was giving a taste of the sinfully "good"..bugs and there was no turning back,
just the smell of these aromatic little buggers can turn this sweet little boy into Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde uh, oh he's caught a whiff of the aroma and he's off and he's gone.....
What ever you do, don't get between him and this...this..this ...hummmmm


So good, so good... he is in heaven right now...but will it be worth it when he wakes in the morning with only a memory left...hummm,
Even Big Hilda/ aka/ Granny isn't even safe...
when he gets a whiff of his love, his main reason for being...what has these little bugs from South LA done to my sweet loving little boy...Oh, the shame...but worst of all he didn't even save me any, there just isn't any honor among thieves any more...Bwahahahahaha.
Hope you enjoyed my picture of my "sweet" Grandson and his little addiction....
PS doesn't he look alot like the kid kissing the,my, ...but it's not


  1. Ha! Ha!, Molly! That's the cutest picture too of him as a little boy. What a handsome young man he is now! I'm sorry though, I don't share that addiction! :)

    Are you feeling better?

  2. I love me some crawfish!

    Molly, I will see what I can find out about that camp. Atlanta may be looking for a couple of guys to sign. It's very rare they will sign someone out of a tryout camp, but it's worth a try. Shoot, I may see if Brett can get in on the action. He may be too young though. I'll ask Phillip the next time I talk to him.

  3. Molly, I am SO a New Orleanian! Crawfish is one of my true loves and seeing that huge pile on that table made me just want to jump through the computer screen. I feel like homer simpson...Crawfish...droool :)

  4. We just had crawfsh, potatoes and corn tonight. Yummy!...Christine

  5. My husband loves Crawfish, those look so good !
    Such great family pictures, thanks for sharing, have a very blessed Friday !

  6. Ewwwww! Crawfish! Not my choice - sorry - he looks like such a nice fella, too - My sympathy to the family....Ewwww! No crawdaddies for me!

  7. Molly I must thank you from the bottom of my heart for spelling it RIGHT, CRAWFISH or CRAWDADS not crayfish!!! And they are GREAT, they are truly heavenly, AS LONG AS YOU DO NOT REALLY THINK OF WHAT YOU ARE EATING!!!

    LOL...your grandson is such a good-looking and smart-looking thang! Honey let's save him from his addiction, you just ship every crawdad you can get your hands on to me and I'll keep them safe in Texas...

  8. LOL, Penni, it is a mortal sin down here in the south to call them crayfish...I'd be osterzied fo sho,

  9. Oh, bless his sweet heart, everyone's gotta have ONE flaw!!!!!

    Many hugs.........


  10. Hi!
    Very handsome guy you have there!! Have never had any of his addiction, but I've heard they are great!! Have a great day!!


  11. Molly, this is the second crawfish post I have seen. Your handsome grandson is addicted it is obvious. I get a little pale just looking at those things. They have way to many feet. Ugh!
    However, you did make me smile real BIG reading your cute post. Thanks!


  12. Hey, there,
    Great post! I enjoyed reading it! I've only had crawfish once, but I really liked them (I was visiting in New Orleans from Georgia). Thanks,
    Sheila T

  13. I've never tasted a crawfish!! Apparently they are quite tasty. Great photos and story.


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