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Molly's Country Memories

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Bought myself a treat and off to the Dentist I went.

I had told you ladies that I had to go back to the Dentist Thurs to have another tooth removed and then the Dentist would add 2 teeth to my lower partial in time for my Branson trip, I sure was praying it would all get done before the hate to have to keep my big mouth shut the whole trip..ok, ok, I know that would never happen I'd exploded before getting back home....Anyhow my sweet Dr. had his Nurse call me, yesterday morning, he had been doing the math and figured I needed these 2 extra days for him to work on the partial, so they asked if I'd like to come in during him lunch break...isn't he a doll? to have this last one done. It turned out to be alot easier than the first one...hoo-ray...only 20 mins in the chair and I was on my way home. I had very little pain, but he still told me to take it easy for a day or 2 and I'll even get to enjoy Easter with my family...God is Good.
After the Nurse called DH told me to run by wally world before going to the Dentist, and get some lettuce and buns and he'd make himself a couple of burgers for supper and that way I didn't have to worry about supper...didn't tell him I wasn't going to worry about it anyhow...Bwahahahaha....he had bought some home grown tomatoes from a farmer near Terry when he went to the meat market. They are so good, can't wait for ours to start making, DH set out 20 plants last week.
So off to WW I went, when I walked in the front door they were putting out a large display of Tulips and Easter Lilies, I just fell in love with the tulips and decided after everything I'd been through this past week I deserved a treat so I rewarded myself with these...aren't they beautiful, and they were only $6.oo.
Mo-Mo spent the night last night and when she saw them she asked her Paw Paw if the were real.
Now some one will have to tell me how to save the blubs to plant for next year. I have a very brown info would be appricated.


  1. What a luscious color....divine!
    So glad your dentist is a decent fella..nuttin' like that other jerk!
    Pretty good day then for you....finally!

  2. That plant is mighty purty Molly! :)
    I love your sofa in the background to!!
    I'm sooo glad the dentist came through for you!

    Happy Wednesday!!

  3. That looks so lovely!!! Sounds like a pretty good day for you - about time, eh?

  4. I believe those are some of the prettiest tulips I've ever seen.

  5. They add such a nice touch of color. I'm glad that your difficult times are soon over.

  6. So very glad the teeth situation is going well :) And the tulips are gorgeous ... no one deserves them more!

  7. Molly it's hard to save the tulips in your climate. If you want to try, go ahead and keep watering them as needed, let the foilage die down naturally, don't water much when it's dying down, when it's totally dead you can pull or cut the leaves off at the top of the bulb. Put the bulb in peat moss (dry as a bone) in a dark cool room, then in October, put the bulb in your hydrator (in the peat moss) and keep it there until Jan or Feb, plant it again and it will make smaller flowers but still likely bloom. LOL...or you could just live dangerously and put it in the ground after it dies down...

    So glad the dentist could take you early and that it wasn't TOO bad this time!


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