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Monday, May 11, 2009

My Bedroom Re-Do...

Hi y'all, If you remember I told y'all a couple of weeks ago that while I was sick and couldn't do anything, I was day dreaming about a total bedroom re-do, well I stopped day dreaming and have finally finished...DH was going to get my lamp finished today but has been sick with a bad headache, but he did help me hang my curtains ...he's such a sweetie. We will have a guy come by next week to measure and order our flooring put down, lordy, I can't wait to get this old carpet out and gone. But to start with I repainted some of the furniture, an old dresser that DH's Aunt gave us when we first married, she bought it in 1925 and it was second hand then.... We let DH's Brother borrow it during the 70's and He painted it red, bright when I got it back instead of taking all of that red paint off, I sprayed it white... I forgot to get a picture before repainting it... but it was white, white, the chest of drawers was white and the bed was white, the curtains were white, the trim was white, just tooooo much white going on in there, Well here's the finished product... I painted the chair to match...the little chair belonged to my MIL also,
I bought a chair cushion to match my curtains and bed cover. I loved the Toile print, but the tan and black checked stood out to me, I wanted that to be the main fabric. Next I painted a Chest of drawers that was my MIL's, black to match the dresser and chair, I painted the pulls a tarnished gold This is the after shot...
I hung a painting that I did last year over the COD's I thought it matched quite well, the little country girl in a country I put my Amish Doll that DH bought me for my Birthday several years ago in PA. in the chair that I painted the farm design on...since it was already black it matched perfectly. If you notice the Doll is holding Ugly Betty that I made several month's ago...yep, she's still ugly...

also repainted the bed that went with the chest of drawers black....
This is what the bed looked like before new bedding and dust ruffle The big rat on the bed is one, my Keiferman won at the State Fair when he was 8 yrs old...he won it by throwing the baseball and knocking over the bottles. I don't have anything in my house, just for decoration, it has to be important to me or have special the doll on my jewelery box in the corner, My DIL gave it to me for Christmas the year before she and Lance married. The mirror on the wall came from a stand mirror that my MIL had, we took it off the stand and hung it, we really didn't have anywhere for the stand, it was just in the way, but I couldn't part with the mirror. The Indian papoose was another Birthday Gift from DH when we went to Montana 2 yrs ago. I also used my redwork pillow cases on the bed, you can't tell it here but they blend perfect.I painted these 4 frames black to make them match better, the large picture is the first puzzle that Rissa and I put together when she was 3, she is good at putting puzzles together and I loved the picture. The largest picture on the bottom left is a picture of our house taken from a helocopter about 17 yrs ago. The other 2 are painting of old houses from our area that a friend painted 20 yrs ago.
At the foot of the bed I placed a little stool that DH built for BB when he was 2 and I painted his favorite design of Donald Duck riding a horse on it.
And this corner finishes my room, my DH custom made my desk for me when I purchased my
first computer 10 yrs ago. He made the bookcase for Lance to keep his Baseball and soccer trophies and his home run balls on, now I use it for my collection of figurines....
Also Lance's Stempy doll on the second just can't throw it out...the picture over the desk is my sweet Momma, she watches over me everyday.
Well that's my room make over, a little bit country and a whole lot of me.


  1. did a great job, and man, you did a lot to that room!
    Painting the furniture was a terrific idea, and I love your curtains and new bedspread! You're a terrific decorator, and all your paintings and memoribilia add to the room, making it yours.

  2. I can't believe it's the same room. It was nice before, but now it is WOW. You have such a KNACK for decorating, for combining colors and patterns!

    It's just beautiful, comfy, and so cheerful!

  3. I especially love the little stool!!!

  4. Nice job... wanna come do mine!?

  5. It looks like a cozy retreat! So nicely done! I liked the old coverlet, but the new one is fantastic!

  6. Great makeover. Nice to see it go from dream to reality.

  7. Beautiful room.

    We just re-arranged our bedroom last night. Just moving the furniture around and getting the computer set up again can take hours! :)

  8. That's a beautiful room Molly!

  9. Lovely job, love the dark wood pieces.

    Monkeyin' Around today,

  10. Looks good. I love to decorate and rearrange things(too much). Good job.

  11. Just beautiful, so cozy and comfy ! I love the mirror on the wall, adds charm. You are truly talented, not only in painting but decorating.


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