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Molly's Country Memories

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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Big rig and update on room re-do.

Hey, y'all I had a biggggg ole truck, I'm talking 18 wheeler here, pull up in my drive yesterday, I was so surprised since I have a long narrow drive and sure no place for a BIG truck to turn around...see how narrow.....and no big turn around....
now there was no writing on this truck, so I'm thinking, who is this, what do they want and how in the blazes are they gonna turn around and not take out my Bradford Pears, like the last big truck did...oh, yea it's happened before..knocked 2 of my pretty Bradford Pears down to the replaced them for can see in first picture the 2 smaller ones where the 2 they had to replace.....but gheez give me a break can't these fellows see and KNOW not to pull up in here, park on the side of the road and walk the short distance....
So I put on my shoes...(yea I was barefooted) but at least I'd taken my gown off that morning and had gotten you imagine the look on their faces if I'd gone to the door in my shorty gown,...not a pretty sight...but would have served them right bringing that big 18 wheeler into my little drive.
I guess you are wondering who they were will let me tell you, it was Fed-X, that's right Fed-X????
Seems the little truck had left this package at the McComb branch that morning and it was scheduled to be delivered Tues. so the guy who drove the big rig was coming by the address and decided to drop it off. Isn't he just the sweetest thing. I can forgive him for bringing that big rig up here and man can he drive, have you ever heard the old saying "he can turn that rig on a dime?" Well this feller could......never touched a tree, bush or car...He's my hero.
OK now for what was in that package...I'm so are a few more hints about the make over/re-do.

First it was from JCPennys

just a hintor 2

This flooring will be gone, gone, gone

Remember this picture from a few days ago....
It now looks like this....a little fabric, glue and ribbon make a big difference.
Now if it will just stop raining long enough for me to get the furniture out side and get it painted, I will really be on a roll. But for today I will start on the curtains....ok, got to go get the sewing machine buzzing.


  1. Well, wasn't he just a sweetie pie?! And, can drive at that?! But, I'll tell you, the real sweeties were in that box! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that toile and the checks! Cannot wait to see your room all completed! Have a great day working on those new curtains.

    Many hugs..........


  2. How great is that !! Cant wait to see your completed room, I know it will be a beauty.

  3. what a nice thing! it is not everyday you get someone doing thoughtful things! love the pics!

  4. Quit torturing me with that redo! I cannot wait!!! HURRY MOLLY HURRY!!!

  5. Molly, I can't believe you mentioned McComb, my daughter lives in Summit, right next door.
    Thanks for coming by and I am also anxious to see your redo. Please come again.


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