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Molly's Country Memories

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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Blessing from great He is...

Well, Y'all... it seems I'm still suffering from not being able to hear anything on my Puter, it seems as "the Computer Geek" put it....The memory is a little confused and has shut down my Audio card. He will be here Monday to work on it...But until then I get to enjoy total silence from the Computer, so, no Praise and Worship songs for me today...but fear not, I will catch up with them all as soon as he gets it fixed. But Praise God, in his world the beauty is everywhere and can be enjoyed using the sight, touch and smell. And my yard has been a live with sight, smell and touch items this week....
We have been in dire need of a rain for a few weeks and we received such a sweet gentle rain Thurs Evening. It settled the dust, refreshed the earth and gave our garden a much needed drink of water, my flowers were all standing in the yard with their little leave arms out spread collecting every little drop. There is no smell any sweeter then the fresh smell of mother earth after God sends a refreshing spring rain...
DH was working on the tiller on the patio, and was caught off guard, everything was left where it was sitting.
Even Chi-Chi and Levi loved the fresh after the shower feel...

You can see in the picture behind Levi, to the left of the grape vines...our big pear tree, this is the Keifer pear...
We have been getting the garden ready for several weeks and DH had noticed Rabbit track every morning near his tomatoes so he turned Katie girl his Beagle out and it wasn't long till she was hot on it's trail, there she goes trailing it right to my from flower beds. Old Willey Rabbit stayed one jump ahead of my camera
but he took off to the pasture...sadly he will
be back and DH and his trusty shotgun will be waiting.
I really do need to get well, I can't believe the shape my yard is in...and NO, DH can't cut the grass he's not allowed on the mover, that is my job, he used to cut it for us, but he seemed to have a problem, it's called.... can't tell the flowers from the in the path of that mower had to go. So he is now barred from getting on that big destructive thing. Beside I really do enjoy cutting my yard and trimming it up.
After the rain I took a walk around my yard and was so thankful for all the beautiful fruit God has blessed me with, this year.
Our peach trees are just loaded,
I can't wait to can my peach syrup for the Ice cream and peach pie filling to make pies this winter..hummmmm, so good!
My blueberry brushes are loaded, now if we can keep the birds away, I'll have plenty to put in the freezer for blueberry muffins and to make Blueberry jam..also DH said, on our land out at Caseyville that the huckleberry bushes where just loaded with blooms, so we should have plenty to make huckleberry jelly out of.

The grapes are just starting to form, if you look close you'll see them, but of course the bird, especially the Blue Jays nest in the vine so I usually let them have the few grapes that no letting them have 'um...have you ever been in a fight with a hungry Blue Jay...well I have and there ain't no winning it, no sir, you always going to come out on the wrong end.

Our Keifer pear is starting to make, there usually isn't alot to make, but they are soooo good eaten fresh, so sweet and juicy...hummm, like eating sugar.

Now the canning pears below are a different story, it makes so many pears every year that the limbs break off they get so heavy, now these pears are perfect for canning, in halves to make pear salad also I like to put some up in pear relish to eat with veggies, I also like to make pear syrup to eat on pancakes...humm, hum, good.
Right now all of these are just starting to make it will be awhile yet before they are ready to pick, but God has blessed us yet again with another good year.
Can't wait for our garden to kick in, DH put up his usual bird deterrent, the old MR. Owl, I hate to tell him, but the birds are still eating his seed. Especially the Crows.

Well this is just a little that we have blooming and producing right now. Will be back with more up dates as the growing continues. I hope you all have a Blessed Day and may God fill you life with all of his great blessing.

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