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Saturday, May 23, 2009

An award and I cried when the mail ran today...

This is my second post today but I just had to post this, I am so Blessed....
First I would like to thank Lynn from for this special award
she gave me.
Lynn I am really honored that you wanted me to have this award. Be sure and check Lynn's blog out if you haven't stopped by before, she is such a sweetie and her blog is so easy and relaxing to read.
First let me say I am not a person that cries very easy, I was always told by my Granny that only weaklings cry....I am also not one to be able to pretend to cry, it's just not in me, I either am moved to tears or I just don't cry, unless I am mad and if I get so mad I start crying EVERYONE in my Family knows to go the other way...WELL TODAY I WAS MOVED TO TEARS...and not because I was mad...I was so touched......I want everyone to know what wonderful blogger friends we have here in our little community. So many have emailed me sending prayers for my recovery, it has been over whelming ...I never realized how many friends I had.
Well today that was just reinforced, when I went to the mail box, this is what I found, two little packages NOT one but Two from 2 different parts of the Country...that held the most wonderful treasures, the first though it was small held a gaint peice of a sweet lady's heart. It was a beautiful pair of her handmade earrings, this wonderful lady puts a little of herself into every pair she makes... that sweet Lady is none other than our Penni from be sure and check out her blog and other works of is what she sent
In the package was a sweet little note that read "get well soon" and a little lace flower laying on top of the whole package, inside was a beautiful pair of rose gold earrings. Thank you so much Penni, you are a big softy despite what you try to make people think. I am honored to call you friend.
Aren't they beautiful...
Next was a package about the size of a magazine I knew something was coming in the mail from this sweet lady but just didn't know I want to tell you I was tearing up when I opened Penni's package, but when I opened this package I was blown away. How beautiful this special gift was...OK, now I am crying, even DH had to come see what I was blubbering for, I told you it's rare for me to was also very amazed at this wonderful gift. the lady who sent me this precious gift was none other than Bea from check her out if you've never been over there you will enjoy it....OK I've kept you waiting long enough here is the little treasure she sentThis is the sweet little note that was in with the table runner...
It says "she found this in a cedar chest, she got it in a box of linen at an auction And since she doesn't have anywhere to display it, she thought I might want it to use". How beautiful it is, my favorite subject...Mr. Rooster all stately and beautiful hand worked. This is so very beautiful and all around the edge is trimmed in red and white crochet. Again I want to say how lucky I am to have Friends like you sweet ladies.
I am still crying like a baby every time I look at my beautiful blessings and Bea I promise I will take great care of the scarf and when I get it displayed I will take a picture and share. And Penni, The Earrings will be worn Tues when I go back to the Dr for good luck.


  1. Hi
    Blessings to you sweet lady .
    Congratulations for your awards and treasures that you so deserve !You gotta love happy tears !

  2. Congrats on the award Molly!
    Those gifts were so very sweet!
    I can tell they warmed your heart. :)

  3. Congratulations on your Lovely Blog Award! It is well deserved. Bless your heart! These blogs mean so much to us...and become such a huge part of our lives...
    It's funny. I chose to be "award free" because I simply could not choose who to give awards to..and yet when I got mine this morning I was as overjoyed as you. I was so terrified of hurting someone I cared about and there are SO many gorgeous blogs...and well written and caring ones...I simple agonized every time..and could not do it! Yet, I went ahead and accepted and posted. I just cannot bring myself to turn it down nor can I bring myself to chose.
    I am so happy for you! You can certainly post it with pride!
    Hugs and smiles~

  4. You are blessed to have such thoughful friends! Hope you get a good report when you go for your check-up!

  5. Congratulations on your lovely blog award, you are so deserving. How sweet your gifts are, I know you will enjoy them. Blessings to you sweet friend !

  6. You sure have wonderful blogging friends, Molly! Beautiful precious gifts! I hope you are feeling better...Christine

  7. OMG the roosters scarf and the lovely blog award! How nice!

    But those earrings just stink!

    Girl, get all the way well!!! Fingers are crossed fer yer Dr's visit on Tuesday.


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