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Monday, May 18, 2009

Sneaking back..a little at a time...shhhhhh

Did I mention last week that I am so sick of being sick....well let me repeat it here...I AM SO SICK OF BEING I feel better....... Actually the allergy meds and antibiotics have me feeling a lot better, the eye isn't swollen, hurting or itching anymore, so the Dr told me I could start doing what I wanted as long as the eye doesn't flare up again.
So much has happened in the last 5 days, naturally when I'm not able to talk or blog, more than happened in 2 weeks naturally.....
Well 1st I think I told y'all that BB and DIL#3, couldn't come down to see me Mother's Day so he sent me a nice gift card and sweet MD card and then called. I told him I wanted some wind chimes and was going to use a little of the gift card to get them, I have been hinting for wind chimes all he told me to not rush into any purchase, well, when I returned from the Dr. last Weds there was a package sitting in my recliner that had been delivered by USPS, of course I tore into it, I just love getting mail...and lookie what was inside
from my sweet DIL#3. She had bought it special for me, BB didn't know about it till she brought it home and showed him....she said she saw them and the first person she though of was me...have I mentioned how much I love this child....she is so loving and appreciative of everything you do. I thank God everyday for sending her to BB. She is so good to him. And I must say her gift couldn't have come at a better time to cheer me when I was so down. Doesn't it look great where DH hang it? A couple of weeks ago, Corgidogmama, showed pictures of a large fire ant hill, well here are some pictures my #2 Son sent to me. He was having trouble with his Swimming Pool pump this spring, he was trying to get the above ground pool set up and running. No matter what he did he couldn't get the pump to running... Mindy sent this e-mail...Found out why the pool pump wouldn't work (see attached).....we (well, Ronnie) were/was able to clean it out, sprayed engine cleaner on it , and it finally started working - woo hoo!!
Fire ants had built a large nest in the motor of the pump...... Down here in the South Fire Ants are a pest that can also be dangerous. Did I mention I can't stand fire ants?????? Red fire ants have been known to repeatedly attack animals that may intrude on their nests. The red imported fire ant is particularly aggressive. They are known to attack people, plants, and animals, as well as cause damage to homes, buildings, and air-conditioning units,telephone wires. They are nasty little crittersNow next I have to show you DH's frugal attempt at making a tomato hanger. I had mentioned buying one of those you see on TV and he said WHY, we got 55 plants in the garden and 6 ex-large pots (he uses the tubs out of old washing machines) at the edge of the garden with 2 plants in each, so I says, well, I just thought it would be nice to have one near the patio and I wouldn't have to walk to the garden every time I wanted a tomato...I know, being a little Lazy..or a LOT just wanted to know if the worked. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it) What can I say inquiring minds wanted to know. Any whooo, while I was sleeping one day, he was busy being frugal and giving me what I wanted...awww, sweet...This is what he came up with...he took an old plastic black pot, you know the thin kind you get from the Nurseries with shrub in them, drilled a large hole in bottom, took a leg section of an old trampoline he had stored in his shop, some rope and put it in the flower bed next to the patio, planted a tomato plant in it and wa-laa..not much to look at but it was FREE and does the same thing. I'm so excited about recieving my new book, I was surfing through the blogs and saw where this web site was a great place to publish your blog stories, sorry don't remember where I saw it...... so off I went and I picked out several stories to the book, but will be awhile before I do another one it is kind of expensive, but they will make great gifts for special folks.


  1. Hey you sneaky lil' person you!!LOL!
    I'm so glad to hear that you are doing much better!! Praying you continue getting well....quickly!
    Your wind chimes are wonderful!
    What a thoughtful DIL!!!

    Those Fire ants mean serious business don't they!!!
    We had some type of ants get in our electrical panel in our detached garage...and actually caused the lights not to come on when you'd flip the switch!!Bad bugs!!

    Had to laugh when I saw the pics of your DH's tomato hanger (not at what your husband fixed...that's clever!)....only because we've been there,done that....but they didn't offer us the t-shirt!!
    I betcha your DH's will do much better than what our attempt did.....we just decided to put all nearly 100 plants in the ground this time....yes,we use ALOT of maters!!!

    Have a great week, Molly!

  2. Boy oh boy - that tomato hanger is lacking in the looks department! You could perhaps design a 'cozy' to slip over it! Make one out of one of the decorative yard flags you find in the dollar store - they have so many cute patterns on them - it's got to look better than a black plastic pot! Let us know how those tomatoes grow - hope it works well for ya!

  3. Glad you are feeling better.

    Love the windchimes and LOVE your book about your blog. Awesome. :)

  4. hope you are all better soon! I read that ants don't like bounce sheets..and will leave if you put one out where they are...I also heard that they will kill each other if you bring some from another hill....My next door neighbor has a huge ant problem....I hope they just stay in his far mine is safe!

  5. Molly...nothing can keep you down apparently!
    YOu've got the neatest book ever, what a clever idea, and with your stories, they will be absolute treasures within your family, or who knows, the mass public?
    Those chimes are adorable too. You must be a great mother in law!
    Hubby had a great idea for the tomato planter, I think they'll work fine.
    Keep feeling better!

  6. WOW! What a wind chime. That is soooooo cute!!!

    Now that's a pile of ants. I would sure hate to get bit by one of those suckers.

    LOVE the plant hanger. He is so smart and creative.

    Beautiful book. I have seen them before and this company certainly does do great work.

  7. Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog - I am loving your blog!

    Although I am not sure about fire ants - ick!!

    Glad you are feeling better, it is definately no fun to be sick especially when the weather starts to warm up.

    I am in love with BLURB - Your book looks great!

  8. Well, I'm tellin ya, you surely should be proud of DIL#3! What a lovely wind chime!!! I know it just thrills your heart every time you hear it's little tinkling!

    Those fire ants can cause enormous pain if they bite you! I found a large hill at my FIL's gravesite. Naturally, I wanted it cleaned up, so went about doing it. They literally ATTACKED me! I had several bites before I could get away. Pesky little devils!

    DH is a sweetie! Hey, the tomato hanger may not look pretty, but it sure looks like it's doing the job! Good for. DH!!!

    I absolutely LOVE your book. I am going to check that site out. I have some stories of my late husband that I would like to put into one for a family heirloom in his memory. Thanks for sharing that with us.

    So happy you're feeling better!!!

    Many hugs..........


  9. So glad you are feeling better sweet Molly !
    Love your windchimes, how nice was that and they are so cute !
    We have the fire ants here in TN and they
    are very nasty little ones and hard to get rid of.
    Love your book !
    Take care of yourself, so glad you are able to blog !

  10. Hip Hip Hooray, Molly is back and ready to play!

    Don't go overdoing it, though!!! REST, REST, REST those eyes.

    That windchime is the cutest thing.

    I'm fascinated with your book. It looks wonderful!

  11. Oops want to add a big AIN'T YOU SWEET to yer hubby, for making you the topsy-turvy planter and recycling at the same time!

  12. Molly,

    I'm glad you got your windchimes! I love windchimes...they're so comforting!

    And I LOVE that book too! How neat!

    Glad to hear you're some better...but take it easy and take care of yourself, okay?


  13. So lovely you are feeling better and wht a lovely gift the windchimes are I love them!!! A sure treat to perk you up. And the book! what a wonderful idea and such a special thing to treasure for generations to come.


  14. What an interesting post. Love the windchime. We have several and I love to hear them chime. I like your tomato planter better than the ones on TV. What a good idea to make your own. I'll have to show this to my Hubby. He may want to try it. And the blog book -- what a neat idea. I hadn't heard of it before.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  15. What a sweet DIL you have...she sure sounds like a blessing to you and your family!

    I love your blurb book. I want to make one myself but am a little apprehensive. It looks too intimidating and really time consuming. I'll probably give it a try one of these days though.

  16. I had fire ants ruin my air conditioner!

  17. The photo of sick as a dog is hysterical. Happy to read that you are feeling better. The wind chime is enchanting. Now your husbands attempt at the topsy turvey planter has me smiling. My husband wanted to buy those topsy turvey and he thought the tomatoes came in the package:) Needless to say when he found out he had to buy the soil and the plants (no seeds in the box) and then water them I made him put them back on the shelf. I would have had to do all the work and I was not going to do more then buy the finished product at the local farm stand. Now the book is interesting. I have to think about doing one in the future.


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