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Saturday, May 23, 2009

A facelift for an old friend......can't do without them'...

I am one tired chick this morning, my fat old behind hadn't been on a ladder for that long in years...but let me start at the beginning.......... To begin, I want to say I live in a small 1970's Brick Ranch that DH and I had built in 1971.
It is not big nor elaborate but it is home. When we built, we built what we could afford and it was to some standards small, but nice, 3 bedrooms 1 bath, it had 2 tiny baths on the plans, but we made 1 large, a den and living room, which we finally tore the wall out and made 1 large room, and large kitchen/dining room. I love my home, it is were my 2 oldest boys were raised, they were 2 and 7 when we moved in, it is where baby boy was born and raised, my memories are here, I can close my eyes and hear them playing in there bedrooms, or walk into the living room and see as many as 10 little boys or teen boys asleep on the floor in sleeping bags, they loved hanging out at our place, their childhood spirits still remain and I dearly love this place and will never move as long as God grants me the ability to keep it.
This being said, I do need to bring it into the modern was raised that you didn't borrow money to pay for something you could do without, and remodeling fell in that category. Now don't get me wrong we wall papered the Den and did little things that we could pay for with no problem, but large renovations were out of the question like added rooms or Major re dos. We did gut our kitchen and redid it in 1998 and I still love it, I had friends tell me I should send pictures of it to a magizene...right....
I changed the small bedroom into a work studio and the middle size bedroom a 12' x 13' into the guest bedroom, you saw my redo of it here.
Our bed room is a 16' x 15', so the rooms aren't big but suitable. These 2 rooms are done and just waiting for the hardwood flooring.
So now I am doing our bath, the bath is long and narrow, 5' x 14', it was redone in the late 90's using white for the wall and a border trim around the top, why I thought that was pretty I don't know but yesterday the wallpaper trim came down now that was a job.. my big bottom stayed on that ladder for 4 hrs but it was worth it
Here you can see where I started taking it down, I used spray Windex and a putty knife
This is a view of the long wall where the shelf holding my collectibles is.
This is the section over the make up lights and my wooden medicine cabinets DH made, they will be painted linen before this is over. And all of his collection of old after shave bottles will have a new home.
It did get a little messy, but it will all be worth it.
This is a long view of the bath, finished most of the trim removal, but can I just say right here and now how much I hate that shower door, which by the way I am keeping, yea that's right, keeping, DH loves it and won't budge on getting rid of it...augggggg....anywho when we build, there was no shower thus the window over the tub, remember this house was built in 1970, when we added the shower in '84 I was stuck with the window problem, so I just used a long shower curtain, I have not been able to find a water proof window curtain, but this time I am working on a plan to keep the light and make the window look nicer. Also the pegs on the shelf was for towels, but as you can see DH uses it as a pants rack...another AUGGGGGGG....the hole in the ceiling is where he is replacing a light, so it isn't usually there

This shelf will also be painted linen like the rest of the cabinets and chair rails. I am having to hold off on painting till Tuesday, cause of the rain we are going to have for 5 days, plus we have ball games to attend today, won't paint on Sunday and Monday Ronnie and family are coming down to spend the day. I will be keeping Rissa Kat for the next 4 weeks. Every Thurs I will have to take her back to Richland for Tumble Classes and spend the night up there and watch her till her Mom gets off from work Fri. Then I'll come home and they will bring here back down on Sundays.
This is a picture of a dirty clothes bin DH made me 30 yrs ago, I had started removing the doors before taking this picture but the redo will be coming soon....stay turned for more on the face lift for an old's surprising what a little lipstick and rouge can do.


  1. It's amazing that you were able to post! Good job.

  2. Good job! That kind of work caused me to lose weight a few years ago when I did some of that kind of work on a little house that I bought. Very rewarding but tiring!

  3. My daughter has a window in her shower too - - - she just hangs a CLEAR shower curtain over it - - - works like a charm!!!

    Years ago we had a window in our shower, but I wasn't SMART enough to think of the clear shower curtain idea - - - we just kept painting it with water proof paint.

  4. Ooops - - - I forgot something. I'm curious as to why you HATE shower doors, because I HATE them too and here's why: YOU CAN'T KEEP THEM CLEAN. A shower curtain can be taken down, thrown away, and replaced when it becomes old, tattered, and stained. Can't do that with doors.

  5. Good luck with all of your renovating !
    I just finished painting our downstairs bathroom and I am so glad it is done.
    We had a shower door, in one of our past houses
    and I hated it as well, too hard to keep clean.
    Looks like you are coming along great !
    Hugs and blessings, have a wonderful weekend !

  6. How can you MOVE??? Lol!

    I have an award for you, so please when you can, stop by and see what it is~~

    Hugs, Lynn

  7. Lordy are always doing something!
    Just can't keep you, or your ideas down!

  8. I have a window too and I just keep buying different window treatments and wash them constantly. I would love to rip out our bathtub and just put in one HUGE shower that has no door and you just walk into it. I see it in all the new homes now. I hate my glass doors as they never look clean. I even tried steaming them and have bought every cleaner knows to man and still no luck. My husband is not handy and says that he is the guy who goes into Home Depot and takes the cards off of the wall of those advertising and hires someone. When he does pick up a hammer we all run out of the house. Handy Andy he is not! I know when you finish you will be so happy to have a new redo for your bath.

  9. That is one heck of a big project - You will be so tired when it is done, but a happy kind of tired! Can't wait for the finished pictures!!! Don't forget to post them!!! I love room make-overs!


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