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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Memorial Day and may God Bless America Again

Today is Memorial Day, a day set aside to Honor our Brave Men and Women of the Military who have and will fight to keep our Country safe, past and present. Without these brave men and women, no one would have the freedom to speak as they wish. America is a great Country and God has blessed us over and over, but still we turn our Backs on him, we won't let him in our Schools, he's not allowed to be seen or mentioned in Government meeting or building like Court houses. We can't put up our Nativity Scenes or Crosses at Christmas and Easter on State and Federal property, We must keep our Church and State long do you think God is going to Bless us when we turn our backs on him. Will our young men and women have died in vain? ...America is not to great to fall, we stand only because God lets us.
I lost an Uncle in the South Pacific, shot down over Guadalcanal at age 20, he never got to live the good life his dying earned for the rest of us. 2 Uncles serviced on the Beaches of the South Pacific, until their death several years ago, neither would talk about the War. My Mother's Brother service in Europe, he was at the Battle of the Bulge. He too refused to talk about it. All 3 said they would do it again for our country and their loved ones.
I know everyone of you have had someone Serve in the Military for our freedom. So let's remember them and say Thank you.

The same goes today, our Government and News Media tells to much about their movements and secrets

Charles (Chuck) Leonard Smith Jr., My Son served proudly


  1. Thank you for this beautiful, touching post.
    Have a very blessed and safe Memorial day, dear friend.

  2. Beautiful post Molly. I am so disturbed by the way our country is going these days. I'm proud to be an American, proud to be called a Conservative American when that seems like a dirty word! I think God expects more from us than lip service. I think He expects us to take a stand for right; otherwise how are the lost and dying world supposed to see a difference? OK, off my soapbox now! Have a great day!

    Many hugs........



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