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Molly's Country Memories

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Rest in Peace Dear Mail Box

We received 4 inches of snow today, it was beautiful and also dangerous. It started slow early before day light...
  Then it really started coming down and of course me and my camera was sitting on ready to take pictures lots of pictures. Pay close attention to my mail box, cause now you see it, but soon you won't.......
 About 10:30 we were waiting for the power company to come to the house and trim the branches off the power lines, so we could get our power back on. Well I head the power truck on the Highway with his back up warning going, so I looked out..still with camera in hand and saw this...The power truck stopped in the middle of the highway instead of coming up my drive...
 Woo, when did that happen.?..This was in my drive...or rather just past my drive.
  Thank goodness she wasn't hurt, but the car in front of her slowed down and she was going so fast, all she could do was slam on brakes...not a good thing on icy in peace dear mail box, you were a good friend...
 Here comes the power truck, she almost hit him head on, he was getting ready to turn in my drive when she shot across the highway, so he floor boarded it out of her way....
 The wrecker finally made it and pulled her out.
 Believe it or not she was able to drive it away...
  but atlas, my poor mailbox didn't get up and walk away..but as DH slowly walks back to the house the light came back on and all returned to normal and I started taking my pictures again.
Now there you have my day in a nutshell.
Sorry about having to put a copyright stamp on my pictures. I posted some of my pictures on Face Book and a friend in Canada saw them and sent me a post that a lady up there had done with my pictures on them. She was claiming them as her own. So I bought a watermarks program to mark mine with. I don't mind anyone using my pictures, if the just ask first.


  1. What an exciting day Molly! Did the girl offer to pay for your mailbox?

    Yesterday I had a Budget Rental truck trying to turn around in my drive way. He almost went in our newly drug drainage ditch! But instead he tore up the end of our driveway! It was icy and he kept sliding. I almost would have loved to have seen him go into that ditch! lol

    I can't believe someone would take your pictures and say they were theirs! Gee!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Okay - you are really seeing some action there aren't you girl? Accidents and power lines and snow.

    May your dear mailbox R.I.P.


  3. Well, you'll just have to find some sort of an indestructible mail box Molly! The terminator mail box!
    What a day...snow sure can stir up some excitement!
    Such a crazy winter. Your bird pics are wonderful, such a full feeder in that one shot.

  4. Your pictures are wonderful and we all enjoy seeing them. And then some jack--- decides to steal your work and take it as their own.. that is one sad person. It may be pictures..but a thief,is a a thief. That's just wrong to take your work..

  5. Wow, that was a lot of excitement for one QUIET snowy day!!!

    Do you think this will cut down on your junk mail?


  6. I hope she at least offered to pay for it! How rude to claim your pictures as their own.

    That's why I didn't go to work, now they are docking us for it......


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