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Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday finding Beauty...God Creatures

It's time for "Friday Finding Beauty" event on Claudia's blog Dipity Road. Today all the participating blogs can post whatever they like on their blog that touched them in some way and made them feel, see, or appreciate a moment of beauty in their lives.
If the silly thing would simply look up he's see this
and then he'd truly have found Beauty...(for him) food on a stick...


  1. Good Morning Sweet Molly...
    I am so tickled to see these photos of the squirrel. He is such a busy little beaver, he must not have a very good sense of smell, or you would thing he could find that ear of corn.

    That is truly beauty. It so made me laugh this morning. I thank you for sharing.

    I am afraid I forgot my days, so sadly I have no Friday Beauty today. When you off sick for a day, you lose track of your days.

    Have a beautiful day today. Country hugs and much love sweetie...Sherry

  2. Squirrels are interesting to watch, but they're not the brightest bulb in the pack! LOL Have a great day!

  3. Squirrels are so fun...I don't have many in my neighborhood but I love watching them scurry also...and their curled tails are amazing. Hope you have a grand weekend!

  4. Ohhh what cuties these are!

    Thanks so much for joining in FFB -- :)

    and now im going to singing this fun song all day!


  5. Cute photos!!! We get the black squirrels, gray ones, and even red fox squirrels. They are adorable, and I used to love to train them, but now - no time for that!

  6. Hi Molly,
    Thanks for stopping by my place. We also have some pretty friendly squirrels at our place. I was lucky enough to get some pictures of them last summer. Your squirrel looks very happy scampering around your yard. Have a great day!

    A View of My Life

  7. Hi Molly,

    I am new to your blog via Dipity Road. I am also participating in the Finding Beauty Party.

    I love your photography skills! Squirrels are so sweet and clever!


  8. Well if he didn't find it yesterday he sure wasn't going to today.

  9. Molly...THIS IS ME TOO...Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning The devil says, "OH CRAP, SHE'S UP"!
    I've wanted to blog about that saying for a while now.
    You captured my favourite little creature. Mr. Squirrel is adorable.
    Happy FFB... love your music too. : )
    Love Claudie

  10. You're right, squirrels are cute and adorable! I know most people try their hardest to keep them off the bird feeders, but they have to live too, do they not? I'm sure he'll find the corn soon enough. ;)

  11. How adorable. I love to watch them too and aren't you a sweetie - a corny little valentine for the little squirrel! hugs, Nancy

  12. Okay so I like, love squirrels that are outside - I can sit and watch them forever.

    Now that I have two in my attic and they are outsmarting me - they are driving me nuts and I am getting mad - I want them out!


  13. I also love to watch the squirrels. I'm wondering if he ever found the corn!

  14. Too many cats for the squirrels to come down from the trees. Cute pictures.


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