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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Blue Monday

The New Orleans Saints beat the Indianapolis Colts, 31-17, in Super Bowl XLIV by outplaying and out coaching the Colts at the key moments of the game. 

Well friends..Hell hath frozen over...The SAINTS won the Super Bowl...yea Saints...I had said I wasn't going to watch the game, but Baby Boy called and wanted us to come to his house for the game, Ronnie and his family was there along with several friends of Baby Boy and TT, DH, BB and TT where for the Colts, the rest of us was for the Saints. It was quite interesting to say the least. It is Blue Monday over at Sally's house. ...Please visit Smiling Sally by clicking here.....

My dear DIL is a Colts fan to say the least...

Baby Boy had to wear his favorite shirt....

TT and her Daddy getting the table ready..he's a Saints Fan BTW...

Buddy Lee all dressed up in his new shirt, he's so fat it's already to small, but it is blue...

 Baby Girl loves her Saints...
  Did you see that, 2 bothers, one Saints one Colts...
4  BFF..2 Colts fans 2 Saints fans...
 Everyone is glued to the TV, we really didn't expect the Saints to pull it out. It was one good game. Both teams played great...
 Baby Boy and TT,
 TT and her 2 bestest friends since Grade School...
 Me and my sweet DIL...


  1. Hi Molly,
    Thanks for the visit and for your comments!

    I am a Manning fan from way back-I remember when Archie played for the Saints. And we have always visited his wife's family store in Philadelphia, Ms.

    But this time I had to pull for the Saints! It was just the right time for them!

    Enjoyed your pictures so much!

  2. We are in a part of the country where no one is into either of those teams so it was fun to see all your pictures and how your group was split. I'm sure there was alot of cheering going on! I'm glad the Saints won because I like to cheer for the underdog!!
    I also love the way you call your son baby boy:)
    Have a great Monday Molly!!

  3. I watched the game today too with my hubby and some friends. I think I like Super Bowl games because of all the junk food to eat...LOL
    Happy Blue Monday..

  4. Oh dear! You Americans are as bad about sport as the Aussies!! A lovely blue shirt, anyway.

  5. Nice post and will look forward for future updates.

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  6. Very interestings (family)photos!
    Happy Blue Monday!..Luna

  7. It looks like a good time was had by all, Molly. We were happy to see the Saints win ... they deserved it.

    Hope you are feeling better today, and have a happy Blue Monday!

  8. Molly, What great pictures and HOW ABOUT THOSE SAINTS! You are so right, they outplayed the Colts....poor manning.
    Thanks for always stopping by and leaving a comment, I have a few days off from taking Sharon to Bryan for her radiation and chemo, so I hope to catch up on blogging.


  9. Thanks for showing your superbowl party. They played a really good game.

    Happy Blue monday

  10. What a fun Super Bowl party! I watched that game, Molly, and I thought that it was well played. Boy, it had some exciting moments! I'm glad you're team won. Happy Blue Monday.

  11. We were so glad to see the Saints win too Molly! Looks like you guys had loads of fun!

  12. I wish I could describe the overwhelming joy I feel!!

  13. Yes.. I am a colts fan too.. In fact this is what I posted about today too.. just a slightly different spin on my post! (0; Win or lose, it looks like your whole family had fun together, and that's really how it's all supposed to be!!! Happy Blue Monday! ~tina

  14. I am ignoring all the Colts pictures.


    WHO DAT???!!!

  15. I didn't know who won until after I got to work today and heard them talking about it.

    Hope ya'll had a good time.

  16. Well you had an interesting Super Bowl. Lots of blue for the colts. My sister and her husband live in Indianapolis-I have always rooted for them, unless they are playing the Kansas City Chiefs (where we live).

    BUT my son-in-law was born and bred in New Orleans so I Had to root for them. I was really happy with the outcome. They are going to Marte Gras next week-they are probably still celebrating.
    Tin and Sparkle

  17. Looks like everyone had a great time. Happy Blue Monday!

    Mine is here.

  18. what a great time it looks as if you all had it was a great game very excitng

  19. wow looks really you guys have a great time! cool!

    u may view mine here


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