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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Signs, signs, everywhere signs, you just have to look..

This evening as I listened to the weather forecast, I couldn't help but think about a message a friend sent me today on Face Book..
Marjorie, you warned us about this cold cold winter coming in your Sept 2nd blog post of Beautiful Scene or sad warning. With the signs of the egrets eating with the cows..some people don't believe in that kind of thing..but here we are freezing our butts off in the coldest winter that they have said we've seen in the mid south in 25 yrs... not to mention the rest of the U.S.
my reply to her was...., the animals have a way of knowing, or should I say God gives them the ability to know ahead of time so they can be prepared. I also did a post right before our Dec snow about the squirrels running wild collecting the tons of acorns in my yard, I made the remark that I'd never seen so many acorns before or the squirrels gathering ... them so frantically. God takes care of the creatures of the woods and air, we just need to watch them to tell what is coming. The old folks could tell what kind of winter we were going to have by watching the animals, but now people laugh at you when you try to tell them that.
You can read my post from Sept 2, 2009 titled Beautiful Scene or sad warnings.
and the one from Dec 2, 2009 titled Laying up Stores for the winter another sign of bad weather
I pray you all stay warm and safe.
I am Thankful for my warm comfortable home, so many in these hard times are not as fortunate.


  1. Hey Molly,
    I'm not looking forward to the weather they are saying we are going to get tonight.

    Yucky, yuck, yuk!!!

  2. This is certainly the longest prolonged cold snap we're ever had here in Florida. The squirrels certainly know what they're doing! Stay warm, my friend.

  3. Girl, I'm not really enjoying this cold weather either. Hope you stay warm tonight and tomorrow. Brrrr!!!

  4. That is sure true in the animal world and I think in the people world to - we always have to be checking things out and looking.

    Sorry I've been so late with comments - computer problems - I'm back up now.

  5. I have kept all the folklore of my youth close to my heart -- my granny left many "predictions" written in a fountain pen and stub pencil, too -- I hope the oldtime signs are not forgotten! You sure didn't forget them!

  6. Isn't it something...that all the answers lie in nature? Amazing. The world is crazy with high tech...but something as simple as squirrels gathering more nuts than usual...tell the true tale.
    Terrific post!

  7. Molly, I just discovered your blog today the the red Wednesday thing. I really enjoyed getting to know you, and just had to say that I love the quote on the sidebar about the devil saying "Oh crap, she's up!" Very funny!

    I don't blog anymore, but I will visit you again.



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