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Molly's Country Memories

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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A beautiful scene or sad warning

When I woke up this morning, it was a cool fall morning here in MS the temps was 63 degrees, so I grabbed my coffee and headed for the patio, as I was walking out DH was getting ready to go to the land in Caseyville and bush hog. He called out for me to go get my camera and take these pictures...
I haven't seen the Egrets in the pasture for several years....The old folks used to tell us, you can tell it's going to be a bad winter when the Egrets start eating with the cows in the Fall. Let's hope they are wrong.
Hope your day started off as beautiful as mine. How pleasant to sit on the patio in the cool morning air and look over a beautiful scene like this.


  1. Those egrets know something we don't know!!! For some reason, I have been thinking "early fall" for the past few months. I hope "hard winter" does not have to be added to that! Another way to tell is to find a muskrat house and see how thick it seems to be built. Thick equals BAD WINTER...

    I know where a few RATS are but we are short of muskrats out here...

  2. lol...Penni, I know where alot of rats live but they have well insulated houses that we pay the bill
    I've also heard that a dog will start getting a thicker coat if the winter is going to be hard..

  3. The radio was talking about the Farmer's Almanac predicting a "numbing winter" this year. I hope they are wrong. I hate cold weather.

  4. Hi Molly,
    Oh I had never heard that about the Egrets. But then I grew up in Florida and they were always around the what do I know~~LOL!

    It is cool here in the Atlanta area...feels great!!

    Hope ya'll have a fabulous day!


    ~Let FREEDOM Ring!~

  5. I don't like winter, so I hope the egrets are wrong.

  6. Those pictures are beautiful, so green and serene.

  7. Lovely scenery...Let us see how smart the egrets are this winter, eh?

  8. I guess you'd better buy a couple of extra blankets.

    We used to have a flock of egrets coming in our backyard every day when we were in South Florida. They are beautiful to see.

  9. WOW.. those are fantastic pictures. I never listen to the weather men/women. YOu need only pay attention to what is around you to know the weather. Especially when near animals.

  10. How wonderful to wake up to scenes like those, Molly. Beautiful pictures!

    I saw some egrets with cows the other day and also some in a pasture with horses. I think it's just a sign that there are lots of bugs for them to eat around cows and horses ... lol


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