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Molly's Country Memories

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Monday, September 28, 2009

The Simple Woman's Day Book

Outside my window...It is still dark, but the sun is starting to come up over the trees in the back yard…my favorite time of day…it’s 59 degrees right now but will get up to 88, all is quit, even Levi is still sleeping…

I am thinking ..what a great week-end this has been, what a joy and a gift Grandchildren are, what fun it was taking both girls shopping for clothes. Also how nice it was to see Stevie (my other granddaughter in heart, if not by blood, she is Keifer's 1/2 sister and she was 3 when she came into our lives and 12 when they divorced) yesterday and what a beautiful glow she has. I’m thinking how great it was going to be if Jackson is born on her birthday, Oct. the 31st. We always say she was our little witch… fast time flies, can’t believe she is grown and expecting her own child….

I am thankful …..that Stevie is doing so well and looking forward to the new baby’s arrival. I am thinking how great God is to give us this next generation, it’s as if he is saying, yes this world is worth continuing for awhile longer…

From the kitchen...for breakfast it’s hot coffee, home made biscuits and bacon
Supper open faced beef sandwiches, made from let over pot roast…green salad and pear salads

I am wearing…yellow T-shirt ..and blue jeans with white tennis shoes

I am going…to get my mums planted this week and rework the front flower beds.

I am creating...still working on Christmas ornies…..

I am reading...Week 6 of study on The Book of Daniel, what a great and complicated book.

I am hearing...silence ….broken by the cry of a whipper will, and a tree frog out side my window.

Around the house...dishes need washing, clothes need washing, drying and folding, and floors need a dust mop run over them….

One of my favorite things...the smell of a cool crisp fall morning…and the mournful cry of the Morning Dove….

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Monday…Go to the Nursery and buy plants for front flower bed.
Tuesday…play by ear and do a little house work….work in flower beds
Weds….Bible study we are studying the book of Daniel
Thurs…No real plans except to rest..
Fri. & Sat…paint
Sunday; Church
Here is picture thought I am sharingThese are some pictures I took of my Grand girls this week end...can you figure out which one's Daddy calls her Ellie Mae and she's always barefooted and has animals around her......(notice the feather sticking in Levi's collar) she found it in the yard and said it was decoration for him.
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  1. Hi, Molly ...

    Your granddaughters are precious, and I love your header picture. You are a very talented painter and I look forward to seeing more of your work on your new painting blog. I'm off to visit it now.

    Have fun at the nursery today!

  2. Cute picture of the girls Molly. It reminded me of when I was little. I use to run around bare-footed too.

    Hope you have a lovely week. I understand it is suppose to get cooler.

  3. Molly,

    I just loved this---the still-dark breakfast of good Southern biscuits and bacon, the scent filling the still-cool house, and the good weekend with the grandchildren, plus the special glow of new life expected in the family.

    And your love for Stevie, a child who could have passed through your life, but who is still in your heart and home.

    And PEAR SALADS!!! I can see them on the little plates now---Del Monte pear halves, with a little pool of their luscious syrup, probably two on the plate, with a little dab of mayo and a cluster of good yellow grated cheese. It's Mississippi cooking to the nth degree. I DO love that. Do you ever make them into little faces for the grandchildren?

  4. Sounds like ya'll had a great weekend Molly. We did too. No rain yesterday! Grandkids are so cute.


  5. What color mums are you getting? Do you get a mix of them?

    Glad yer weekend was so nice -- a lovely weekend for a lovely lady.

  6. Cutie Pies! I'm an Ellie Mae too. Missing Mississippi. We haven't heard what Phillip's status with the Braves is yet. Bobby Cox signed on for just one more year in Atlanta, so we may be right back in Jackson next baseball season. I'll let you know. Relaxing today. I have a really bad cold. Not liking it because I really don't like to stay in bed. :(

  7. Your granddaughters are very beautiful Molly!


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