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Monday, September 14, 2009

The Simple Woman's Day Book

Outside my window...It is a quite and peaceful Monday morning, it is cool and fall is in the air, we had rain all week-end and now the sun is peaking through every chance it gets.

I am thinking lucky we are to live in a land where our freedoms are protected by our Constitution, may it always be so.

I am thankful …..for my family and for the good life I have had over the years, a good life, even though we are not rich, along way from it…thankful for my little house that we built 39 yrs ago, a very small home but big with memories and echoes of laughter from my three boys growing up. I am even thankful for the trials and heartache, which there are many, but each and everyone has made me a stronger person.

From the kitchen...for breakfast it’s hot coffee, and Orange cranberry scones.
Lunch green salad and chicken pasta soup
Supper, probably seafood subway for DH (it’s Wally World day)
Me I’ll play by ear. Not really hungry, think I have over done it the last couple of weeks. Feeling rather weak and tired.

I am wearing…gray Richland Baseball T-shirt..purple capris....with white socketts

I am going…to do as little as possible this week, don’t really feel like getting out of bed, much less do anything

I am creating...not much right now, but have a whole stack of to-do painting for Christmas which I must start soon..

I am reading...Still studying The Book of Daniel, what a great and complicated book.

I am hearing.... ….the soft sounds of Fox news on the living room TV, (DH went Dove hunting early before I woke up and left TV playing) with an occasional car passing on the highway.

Around the house... need to wash dishes or put them in washer and maybe a load of clothes

One of my favorite things...A cool fall morning when the ground is still damp from an over night shower, the world feels clean and renewed

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Monday…Go to Wally World, buy groceries, rest
Tuesday…will play it by ear…
Weds….Bible study we are studying the book of Daniel
Thurs…No real plans except to rest..
Fri. Taking Dear Sister out for lunch for her 68th Birthday which will be the 20th.
Sat. Going to a fish house with the Seniors from my Church.
Sunday …go to Church
Here is picture thought I am sharing...

We made this picture at the Quaker Village in KY several years ago...a true vision of the fall harvest that is soon to come...I never saw so many yellow jackets in one spot before, they didn't show up in the pictures. The Gentleman told us they came for the sweet juice of the apple cider and that they really didn't bother him...
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  1. Thank you for stopping by and saying hello. For the prayers. My house is in the Our Lords Hands.
    Love the picture reminds me of my childhood up in Mass. I miss apple season so much and the smells from the orchard.

  2. Good Morning Molly. What a wonderful sharing today. I so love your lists, I love to read them. I have been thinking of starting a journal and writing down lists for me each day. Thoughts for the day. Just beautiful.

    I see you still pray for Amy. Thank you as it is beginning to get harder for her each and every day. She is down to 64 pounds, and has been very sick of late. I am going home Sept. 30th and will be there until October 17th. I pray she is still with us, so that I can hug her again. I have loved this child since the day she was born, and will love her forever and to eternity. She has had such a hard life here on earth, I know she will see rewards in heaven for all of her suffering, suffering and still doing exactly what he has asked of her, never doubting, never questioning, just believing.

    Have a wonderful Fall Day, we are expecting another 100+ day. I am so tired of the heat and will welcome cooler temps one of these days. Country hugs sweetie, Sherry

  3. Get some rest and stock up on your energy.


  4. Hi Molly!

    I hope you rest up and replenish yourself dear one. I always enjoy visiting you daily!

  5. When the body or mind says "rest," just rest...recharge your batteries for the pretty fall days to come...!!!

  6. I agree with our favorite Texan, if the mind and body say rest...then who are you to argue with them?
    Oh, I do love freshly made cider.
    So many happy things come with fall.
    Your day and your week sound like a good plan. You're a great gal Molly!

  7. I love your blog, Molly...I really do...I needed something to lift my spirits today. Such difficult times are coming, and people are asleep...the roaring lion is on the prowl and will devour many. Your post today, somehow, has put me in a place of rest...thanks. I'm praying for you...God bless.


  8. This sounds like a good simple plan for a week! (Except I could do without the Wally World visit...too many of those for us)! :)

    I love these daybook entries and love the pic!

    Have a great evening, Molly!

  9. Whoa! Yellow jackets would sure bother me!

  10. Lots happening and I agree...I enjoy reading lists and other things about a blog friend :o)

    What a great photo at the Quaker Village and harvest time.

    Blessings & Aloha!


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