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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jianna Jessen....amazing woman

Today my post is a lot different than what I usually do, but this video touched my heart and I wanted to share it with my friends. No matter how you feel about abortion, I believe this will touch you and open you heart.
First I will tell you something that I am so proud of my Mom for, I am a child that could have been aborted, the Drs begged my Mother to abort me because of her health, she was told that she and I would both die if she didn't, she being the loving caring lady she was, said,"then we will be buried together". She delivered me in the Drive tru of the New Orleans Charity Hospital Emergency room. She remained in the hospital for a month after I was born, I was very small but very healthy, she could have taken the easy way out, even in 1943 it would have been legal, but she choice life for ME, even if it meant death for HER. And I love ♥ her so much for it, I have had a good life, not a rich life, but a good life, I have 3 boys and 4 grands that wouldn't be here except for her strength to stand up and say NO.
I do not condemn anyone who has choice the other way, or judge them. That is not my place. I simply state I do not believe in abortion, I know too many good people who would love to adopt these disposable children.
Please listen to at least the first part of this lady's story, she is amazing and truly God was with her during her walk through the fire.
Be sure to turn off my music so you can hear her....she will carry the scars for live but is still filled with love.


  1. That is amazing! She was destined to be here!

  2. Molly,

    What an unselfish decision your mother made! I know she has been blessed with and by you but great will be her reward one day too... :)

    This video made the tears fall! What a blessing this girl is and what was intended to hurt has been turned into something to give God the glory! Thanks for sharing it! People don't like to hear things that convict sometimes, so I admire you for speaking out and posting this!

    God Bless You, Molly! :)


  3. Well you know, medically needed abortions are quite rare but real. I am not remarking on them at all. But most all abortions in these times are NOT for medical reasons. They are for selfish and stupid reasons. One reason I broke off with my family is that they decided to make "abortion rights" their be-all, end-all. My son was born at 7.5 months, a tiny little fighter who could set in my palm. It chills me that there are people who could view a little one and say cold-bloodedly that they are not a person and shouldn't be protected.

  4. I've heard her speak before, on tv. What an inspiration she is and a great testament.

  5. Gianna spoke at a Pregnancy Center dinner that I attended a couple of years ago. She is amazing...I wish this video would be played in high school, which would be of much more value than many other things shown in school. Her testimony would change many hearts and minds and cause many a young woman to choose to let her baby live. Thank you for this post...its wonderful. Mary

  6. I don't believe in abortion either, but I do believe in adoption!

  7. I've never seen this video. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    What a testimony she has to share!

    Blessings & Aloha!


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